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What I learned from joining the USAF

Did you know that on Tuesday, April 26th, I joined the USAF.

YES, I did! I joined the USAF during the CI2 Innovations and Improvement Symposium Team in Dayton, OH to deliver leadership development training to their Airforce men and women.

I was asked to deliver a full day of training to correspond with their theme of "Let's Design the Next Generation of Leaders". Needless to say, this energized me to have an opportunity like this to create an impactful day of leadership values that would connect their messaging with actionable steps for leaders to implement. As a certified John Maxwell or now John Maxwell Leadership Coach, this is what I live for, to add value to people that add value to people.

When I was initially asked to participate in this day, it was for a one hour Keynote. The second follow up call that I received back I was asked to present for multiple segments for the entire day.

This was NOT the first time that I have delivered leadership material to a group of over 200 in a HYBRID Training environment. However, this was the first time that I delivered this type of training to the USAF and I wanted it to be something they would never forget.


A couple of weeks before the training, I scheduled time with one of the training coordinators and my long time friend Dave Tyler. We met for over three hours to identify themes, training ideas and building the agenda into their week of presenters.

As I looked at the full 5 days of materials, I knew this was going to be powerful. General Andrus and General Schaefer were going to be a part of this and their topics were failing forward, strategy, innovation and communication.

So where in the world do you start? You start at the very beginning, the strategic design. Would you like to learn my step by step formula for creating successful and engaging events?

Above is a photo just before I presented to this group of IN PERSON and VIRTUAL attendees.

Are you a speaker or trainer and want to LEARN how to GAIN traction in your business and ATTRACT clients like the USAF in YOUR portfolio?

Learn more about my

  1. Approach

  2. Planning

  3. Timing for the agenda

  4. Content etc and

how I tackled this day, the specific strategy that I used, the people that were involved and the impact that we made.

Join me for our Weekly Leadership Development Classes where I will be sharing and teaching my process to you.

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