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Everyday Business Leaders

“Passion to Profits”
How to Monetize Your Message Through Podcasting
& Build Your Community


Everyday Business Leaders provides community leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs with resources and training to gain the competitive edge needed in the market today.  When building trust in the community, you must have a plan to create and market your message to stay relevant. 

Learn the basic strategies behind the value of sharing your passion about your business through Podcasting.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to use your expert knowledge to become an influencer.


This is your opportunity to gain clarity on a proven process

that will impact your business brand and visibility today.

Learn why streamlining your content creation is the easiest way to build and share your brand.

Learn to work smarter instead of harder in your marketing.

Stop missing opportunities to build a community, grow followers, and earn thousands of dollars organically.


Learn Six Strategies for Your Immediate Success

Strategy 1:   Finding Your Passionate Voice 

  • Identifying individual or business passions and interests that align with podcasting topics.

  • Understanding the power of authentic storytelling and connecting with audiences.

  • Brainstorming potential podcast niches that resonate with your corporate mission and passions.


Strategy 2:  Crafting Compelling Content 

  • Developing a solid podcast concept and defining the target audience.

  • Understanding the anatomy of engaging podcast episodes.

  • Exploring different podcast formats and storytelling techniques.

Strategy 3:  Growing Your Audience 

  • Strategies for promoting podcasts and attracting a loyal listener base.

  • Utilizing social media and other marketing channels effectively.

  • Building a community around the podcast to foster engagement and loyalty.

Strategy 4:  Monetization Methods 

  • Introduction to podcast monetization models (sponsorships, listener support, etc.).

  • How to approach potential sponsors and create compelling sponsorship pitches.

  • Integrating ads and sponsor messages organically into podcast episodes.

Strategy 5:  Podcasting Tools and Resources 

  • Recommended equipment and software for podcast production.

  • Exploring hosting platforms and analytics tools for tracking performance.

  • Tips for optimizing podcast SEO and discoverability.

Strategy 6:  Building a Profitable Podcasting Strategy 

  • Setting achievable goals and milestones for podcast growth and monetization.

  • Creating a personalized action plan to transform passion into profits.

  • Addressing common challenges and overcoming potential roadblocks.


Q&A and Wrap-Up 

  • Open floor for questions and seek clarification for the next steps.

  • Recap of key takeaways and actionable insights from the workshop.

  • Encouragement and motivation to embark on your podcasting journey.



Encouraging ongoing support through our dedicated online group.

This three-hour workshop aims to inspire you to explore your passions, leverage your unique voice, and take the first steps toward turning your passion for creating your expert content and podcasting into a profitable venture.


By covering essential aspects such as content creation, audience growth, and monetization methods, you will leave with the knowledge and confidence to create a successful podcast and monetize your powerful message.


Don't miss this three hour interactive workshop aims to inspire you to explore your passion, leverage your unique voice and take the first steps toward turning your message and passion into a profitable venture.  Learn essential aspects of creating the right content, audience growth and monitization methods.  

Whether you are just starting to think about creating content or you have been sharing your message on a current platform, you will leave with the confidence to create a successful platform that will allow you to build your impact, legacy, and wealth.

You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to master the art of storytelling and building a powerful brand that resonates with your audience drives business growth, and fosters customer loyalty.

Workshop Valued at over
 Business Boot Camp
Early Bird Special


Joe Ake, Media Director, Producer Editor 
JoeAkeStuduios, LLC
Melahni Ake, Podcast Host,
Everyday Business Leaders
Everyday Leaders

Learn the power of podcasting to share your story to build your brand

All participants will receive a full equipment
worksheet checklist with Joe’s favorites to get started

               ONLY $50.00
    Includes Bonus Materials 
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