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Strategy Coaching Call

Conquer your Obstacles with a tactical plan and impact the change you want to see in your life and career.  This call will challenge you in all areas of your life and career to identify better strategic ways to impact and contribute to the world.  As a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team and The WHY Institute, We will lead you through a predictable process that will quickly assess your gaps and create a successful action plan.

Are you a WHY Coach or a facilitator or trainer preparing for an upcoming workshop? Whether you need a thinking partner to help create the framework or a strategic partner to design a tactical plan, I will help you create a one-of-a-kind experience that will make an impact and deliver value to connect to your audience.  

Strategy Coaching
Speaker Series Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn 

This Exclusive Professional Growth and Development Series is available for companies, chambers, and community boards who want to elevate their communication, teamwork, and leadership potential in your team.


Invite us to your company for a lunch and learn program to gain new strategies to grow your team's potential today.

Reserve your lunch and learn now.

Executive Coaching

Corporate Training Partner

Everyday Leaders Corporate Training helps business and community leaders, project teams, and executive boards, enhance collaboration, improve communication, drive strategic objectives, and develop high performers. The engagement can include interpersonal and team assessments with full reports integrated into each session.


Need a hybrid solution for your offsite employees? 

Our media technology is designed for a highly interactive, live experience, including multimedia virtual platforms, breakout sessions, peer discussion, and action planning.


Whether on-site or virtual, Everyday Leaders Training Team can take your team and business to the next level of accountability and your pathway to profits.

Corporate Training

Women's Leadership Programs

Women's Leadership Programs are designed to equip women to become better leaders in their lives and careers.  Find out more about all of the programs that are available for personal and professional development.

Women's Leadership Programs

MC and Event Host

MC and Event Host, Voice Actor 

Melahni Ake organized and facilitated over 100 virtual events in 2020 and quickly became an MC host favorite for panels and topics worldwide. Including Everyday Leaders 50in50 Podcast Host, LeRose Dance Academy Recital Live, Pass The Torch for Women Podcast, Scale for Women Podcast, Everyday Leaders Heart of Leadership Live Summit, Recession Proof Your Business Event, Scale for Women Live Events, Women's Leadership Series Workshops, Top Floor Women Co-Event host and sponsor and more.


Contact Melahni to Host Your Event Today!

Event Host


Topics include:

  • Learn to Lead 

  • Start with Leadership

  • How to Overcome Burnout in a Virtual World

  • Stop Feeling Powerless at Work, 

  • Strategies to Gain Influence and Results

  • Living Unapologetically You 

  • The Purpose Puzzle, Starts with WHY

  • Strategies to create and sustain a fulfilled career

  • The Power of the Human Connection in a Virtual World

  • The Proverbs Challenge 

  • Mental Wellness and Mindset

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