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The Leadership Game

Have You Played?

Have You Played?

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A New Assessment Resource For Your Team


Presented by Melahni Ake,
Founder & CEO at Everyday Leaders

Melahni has spent over 30 years developing cultures, people, and processes for performance improvement in clinical industries, building start-up marketing, sales, and service teams for global leaders.

Everyday Leaders is offering new programs designed on a new leadership assessment tool to bring your team together in a fun environment and highlight their leadership awareness.  Through this experience, you will gain clarity on those working on growing themselves vs. those not. This tool helps to expose gaps in communication and teamwork and provides a roadmap into your strategic plan.  After this assessment, we can provide a complete detailed evaluation and share the next steps for moving forward on the priorities you want to achieve within your organization.   


This experience is designed as a two-hour experience and includes 3 hours of executive coaching after this activity. 


When we continue doing the same things the same way, that’s insanity.


Leadership teams ready to be challenged will grow and think differently; the solution is The Leadership Game.


WHY a game? 


We identify gaps in processes, areas for growth, and immediate steps for improving your strategic plan.


Are you struggling with your growth?  Do you want to improve managing your teams to grow? Are you ready to discover the gaps that are holding you back? Are you prepared to stretch your minds and think differently about capturing the market in your business with an entirely new mindset? 


Are you ready to grow with your leadership team to make the most impact for 2024? 


Reach out today to schedule your Leadership Game exercise; you’ll learn about yourself and your people, and you’ll get clear on the next specific steps to take to grow! 


Don’t delay another moment to take advantage of playing the Leadership Game with your team.


"This was the best board meeting we have ever had"-Jill, Executive Director Pike County Chamber of Commerce


Turn this pathway into YOUR Profits today.

Don't delay; play the Leadership Game.


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