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Top Floor Women
Indy's Premier Southside Women's Networking Event


You're Invited to Join Us the
First Wednesday of Every Month
8 am-9:30 am

our new location is JPtheGEEK 156 South Park Blvd, Greenwood, IN 46143

October 4th, 2023 FEATURED SPEAKER

Shannon Tankersley

It's Cyber Security Month at JPtheGeek

Event Description:

Join Shannon and JPtheGeek for a Halloween Campfire Tales of the Dark Web.

It is one of those things – you want to know…but you don’t want to know. Is your information currently on the Dark Web? What does this mean to you, and how do you protect yourself and your business? As Cyber Criminals continue to increase their ways of getting into computers, business owners need to keep up their defenses. Many small businesses feel that they are too small to be attacked. Unfortunately, you are not too small to be attacked – you are just too small to make the news. Many cybercriminals are going after small to medium-sized businesses because they have lower defenses and, therefore, are easier to get into. 60% of small and medium-sized businesses go under within six months of a breach. Learn some of the basics of how to protect yourself and your team against Cyber Criminals.


Shannon's Bio:

Shannon’s background is in marketing and advertising; however, her time at JPtheGeek has helped her to understand the need for increased security at companies. Having experienced it herself with her Facebook page being breached and no longer accessible to her – she has learned that this is just one small area and what bigger issues this could lead to for her and her family.


Connect with Shannon:

Email -

LinkedIn -

Phone: 317-936-3300 x 2712

Website –

* Be sure to follow her on LinkedIn for episodes of theGals for more information on cyber security.

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Thank you to Amanda Sparks for being our Coffee Sponsor for October 
Amanda Sparks 
Empowering survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation through mentorship and family support.

Allies-Inc Organization
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Wednesday Nov 1st
Wednesay Dec 6th

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The History 


Top Floor Women began several years ago when Mindi Epstein had the vision to unite women on the south side of Indianapolis to network and develop personally and professionally.  Since Mindi was an established business owner in Franklin, IN, she collaborated with the owners of "The Elevator" on the town square in Franklin, IN, on their TOP FLOOR.  Top Floor Women became a popular monthly networking event bringing women from central Indiana to meet, share and connect.  Before COVID-19, often, there was standing room only in this dedicated space.   As the group grew, Mindi moved the location to the Hillview County Club in Franklin and the Barn at Bay Horse.  During this last move in 2021, during COVID restrictions, Mindi's life also changed.  She was traveling for work and relocated her home to the north side of Indianapolis.  These two factors made it difficult to continue serving the Southside community,  

Mindi reached out to Angie Redmon, President of stiveHR, and Melahni Ake, Founder and President of Everyday Leaders, to continue the momentum to serve women in our community. 



Indy's Southside Premier Women's Networking Group 
We meet on the first Wednesday of every month.

8:00 am-8:30 am Networking (Bring your Business Cards)

8:30 am-9:25 am Professional Development Speaker

2023 Meetings:





October 4th:  Shannon Tankersly, Cyber Security, What every business owner must know to protect their assets. @JPtheGeek 156 South Park Blvd, Greenwood, IN 46143

November 1st:  Angie Redmon, striveHR, Culture Impact

December 6th:  Paula Hornback FDNP, RRT. IFBB PRO 

FIRST ANNUAL December Social Event: TOP FLOOR WOMEN HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE to benefit our local charity organization

Email Here to Find Out More 

WATCH OUR Previous Speakers ON  YOUTUBE:


September 6th: Heather Lowey, How to Maximize Your Personal Energy @ JP the Geek Studios 156 South Park Blvd, Greenwood, IN 46143. 

August 2nd:  Jodi Bondy, " Stuck in the middle with ..............." NEW LOCATION: JP the GEEK 156 S Park Blvd, Greenwood, IN 46143

Here's a link to Jodi's Legacy Forever Program:

July 5th:   Melahni Ake, Revolutionizing Your LinkedIn Game, Cutting Edge Strategies for 2023,  -Aspire Johnson County Greenwood Office. Join our LINKEDIN 30-day challenge Group HERE:

June 7th: Alicia Tisdale: Building and Strengthening Relationships:

Aspire Johnson County Greenwood Office, Joe Ake Studios Coffee Sponsor 

May 3rd:  Jason Barnaby, Firestarters Inc, Fanning Your Flame to Ignite Your Hope and Torch Fear: 

Coffee Sponsor Julie Pitts, Insperity, Joe Ake Studios Coffee Sponsor 

April 5th:  SPEAKER: MEGAN BENNETT, Socially Acceptable: Strategies for Social Media and The Social Landscape - Why and How to Learn to Love Creating Content 

March 1st: Speaker Melinda Chapman with Values Driven Realty: 

How Money Works


February 1st:  Bri Ikerd,  Money Mechanics: Strategies to Jump-Start Your Financial Future

January 4th:  Speaker Carla Taylor, Make Dreams Happen, Dreammakers

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