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"It's not what you do in a day, it's what you do every day that matters"

Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting Programs will challenge you to grow every day. You will push yourself and create momentum in every area of your life and career that will provide better strategic ways for you to get clear with your goals, connect to your purpose and make a bigger impact in your life.  We believe in developing cultures, people, and processes.

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Melahni Ake


Melahni Ake was born a servant leader who has developed her beliefs through her passion for learning from her leadership mentors, including Dr. John Maxwell, Walt Disney, Simon Sinek, her grandparents, and her tenacious mom. Spending over 25 years in medical device sales, sales training, and sales leadership, she was fortunate to learn and work alongside innovators and visionaries in orthopedic and gastroenterology medicine.  Her passion for improving outcomes fuels her to add value to everything she is involved in.  She is an inspirational speaker, 5 X Best Selling author, podcast host, and a UINDY Alumni and holds Bachelors's and Associates' degrees in Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, and Psychology.  Her company Everyday Leaders, was inspired during her certification into the John Maxwell Leadership Team as a speaker, coach, and trainer in 2016.  She quickly developed her vision for creating the Everyday Leaders 50in50 podcast to celebrate everyday leaders making a significant impact worldwide. Through this process, she has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders teaching leadership principles to help others overcome everyday obstacles. Some of these interviews include VP of Disney Lee Cockerell, Traci Morrow, known for P90X, Beachbody, and John Maxwell's live event host. 


Melahni has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to create a fundamental business strategy to develop themselves and their people.  She believes foundational leadership principles must be practiced daily to create sustainable momentum and results.  Melahni's company Everyday Leaders, serves corporations, executive leaders, the military, entrepreneurs, and non-profit community programs working to strategically improve their leadership potential and create significance in the world.  She passionately leads a morning leadership devotional every day at 7:30 am that started Oct 1, 2019, and celebrated over 1,000 days of consistency on June 27, 2022.


She is the Founder of Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting, Host of Everyday Leaders 50in50 Podcast and Everyday Business Leaders Broadcast, Co-Founder of SCALE for Women, LLP, Host of SCALE for Women Podcast, Board Member of the PTREA Perry Township Religious Education Association, Legacy Leader, and Podcast Host for Pass The Torch for Women Foundation, NOWIB-National Organization for Women in Business-active member, AWBO-Association of Women Business Owners active member, Director of Programming and Marketing for TOP FLOOR WOMEN-Indy's Premier Southside Women's Networking Event, Ambassador with ASPIRE Johnson County Greenwood Chamber Member. Certifications include John Maxwell Team, YouthMax, WHY Institute, Know What You're FOR, and eSpeakers International.


Melahni enjoys the challenge of making everything in life FUN; She believes it's not what you do in a day; it's what you do every day that makes an impact in your life. Investing in over 35,000 hours in personal and professional development, she values finding better ways to improve her quality of life. As an only child, she loves pouring into others and especially spending quality time with her mom, stepfather, and husband, Joe, of 32 years! 

Team 2

Joe has spent his entire life learning the power and influence of media and marketing. His family owned Recommended TV and Appliances on the south side of Indianapolis for over 40 years, and he and his 8 sisters always say they grew up in a TV repair shop. Joe's father started the business with a cardboard cigar box, replacement test tube, and screwdriver.  This local business was so popular that it became the primary "family-owned and operated" TV and Appliance store on the south side.   Because of his father's influence in serving others, Joe has also been passionate about adding value to my clients.  Here's a video Joe produced about his family business for the Perry Township Historical Society Meeting in Nov 2021

Joe Ake Studios offers business owners specialized audio, video, and media services. He provides media technical consulting to corporations, community partners, and entrepreneurs; through education, creation, and collaboration, Joe builds a trusting partnership to build media services for your business, and when you are ready to connect to your customer globally, learn how to start, host, and monetize your own company podcast.


Joe Ake Studios Media Production and Joe’s technical expertise in audio and video has been the foundation to create and produce media brands and platforms for organizations like Everyday Leaders, SCALE for Women, Top Floor Women, Pass The Torch For Women Foundation, Franciscan Alliance Network, Honeywell Initiative, Vision Endoscopy, Cook Medical, Cantel Medical, Stratis Medical, Hope Brokers and more.  You may find Joe in the production rooms or as a camera operator at Emmanuel Church in Greenwood, producing, directing, and broadcasting the Everyday Business Leaders Show at the JPtheGeek Studios in Greenwood.

Joe Ake 

JoeAkeStudios, LLC


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We work with leaders and teams of all sizes, across a range of industries, all over the world. Our clients include Fortune 50, healthcare, non-profits, associations, education, and more. Everyday Leaders Workshops will challenge your ideas about how to develop culture, support the team leaders and the values that shape it, encouraging you to think and lead differently. All programs are available in person or virtually.


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