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Join the 30-Day Challenge to Rediscover Your Confidence.

You don't have to be great to start, but you must start to be great.-John Maxwell



Become an influencer in your industry.


The first step is to determine your level of influence today on social media.  Once we know where you are, we can design a specific plan to help you improve your influence.


Ready to learn more? 

All strategies on social media have a baseline of what is required to become an influencer status. 

On LINKEDIN, your Social Selling Index is populated from your current level of engagement.

Do You Want To Be an Influencer on LinkedIn?

Your Social Selling Index Score must be 70 out of 100.



Find out your SSI Score Now


Below is an example of your score sheet



Learn how your brand defines your success


Learn how to tell your story that sticks


Go beyond what you think is possible


Create a teaching platform to share your expertise with others

Learn the strategy to accelerate your brand visibility.

Join the Everyday Business Leaders 30-Day Brand Visibility Challenge  


Today, it is more important than ever to create an abundance mindset with intentionality when it comes to your marketing strategy. 


Over the last seven years, I have learned the core pieces that WORK when it comes to building a brand, and I want to help you save time and resources so that you can make a bigger impact with your target clients and have more freedom to help your customers. 


The 80/20 rule makes so much sense when it comes to strategy.  Do the 20% of the tasks that will give you  80%  (the biggest return) on your time and resources.


In this program, you will learn the basics of social media marketing strategy, specifically across the LINKEDIN platform, and create a plan to become more of an influencer status in just 30 days. 


What kind of growth are you planning for in 2023?  

2% organic growth? 




Do you know how each of these has a direct correlation to your ability to accelerate your brand? 

What is that number for you?

What I know is that, you have to be ready to LEAN IN and Be the VOICE for Your Brand


Are you ready? 

Are you ready to share your voice and accelerate your visibility?


Are you ready to gain more confidence on video? 


Are you more comfortable behind the scenes and want to create an audio commercial for social media with your current branded resources?  


Do you want to educate your community and increase your visibility around a product or service you are offering or launching soon? 


Are you ready to build a community to help organically grow your brand?


If you are ready to dive in and learn how these basic strategies can help double your profits, then this package is for you. 



Weekly Live Zoom Training in a Private FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN Challenge Group


Links for your measurable assessments to gauge your growth

Opportunity to create a professional studio interview on your product 

Opportunity to learn the power of LinkedIn Audio Events to educate your community and build new fans and customers for life.  Learn to become a host of your own program.


And most importantly, this strategy will help you build the momentum you need right now to impact your Q4 goals when it comes to marketing visibility. 

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Normally, this 30-Day Challenge Kickstarter Package is $197.00



Taking advantage of this program today will give you access to Strategic Group Coaching + I am including a 30-minute ONE/ONE Individual Strategy Session to help you assess the gaps holding you back from reaching your goals. 


If you are ready to get serious about your social media visibility strategy and have access to a simple-to-use formula guaranteed for your success, then it's time to JOIN the Challenge!


Join Right Now for only $49.00

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