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Are you ready to become a distruptor?

You’ve most likely heard the following expression: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Think for a minute about how this applies to your small-business marketing. Relying on the strategies that have served you in the past is not the way to build your business in the future. To stand out from the competition, you shake up the way you do things. In other words, you need to become a disruptor.

What is a disruptor?

"Disruptive innovation” was introduced in 1997 by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. It describes a creative product or idea, usually by an up-and-coming company with fewer resources, that disrupts an existing market, sometimes even taking it over. Disruptors are most often associated with the fast-moving tech industry.


For instance, consider Netflix. It started in the late 1990s as a service that allowed customers to rent DVDs by mail. It was so successful that brick-and-mortar video rental stores couldn’t compete; it eventually put Blockbuster, the largest of them, out of business. Then, Netflix pivoted again; in 2007, it forever changed how we watched movies when it added a streaming service.


Wikipedia is another excellent example of a disruptor. Dismissed as unreliable when it started 20 years ago, it has become a trusted source, replacing encyclopedias as the go-to research tool. And after more than 200 years in business, Encyclopedia Britannica stopped publishing those heavy volumes. Now, it, too, can be found online.

Steve Jobs and his vision for Apple as a company to become a disruptor has led to not only a successful global brand but also a trusted partner for creative artists and a leader in innovation. Apple gives other start-up companies permission to share proven strategies and create 

Simon Sinek was a successful business leader leading a growing company, yet he felt a constant urge for something more fulfilling. He is considered a disruptor in his approach to mindfulness and inspiration because he went against what everyday society deems success to be.  He started small group conversations about his ideas to discuss "WHY".  Today, Simon's vision is to help others find the path of becoming fulfilled and productive by making purposeful choices. 

Disruptors focus on solutions, not problems.

To create a disruptive mindset, you and your team need to start thinking differently. Instead of focusing on a problem, disruptors brainstorm solutions. Their ideas are likely unconventional—the ones that work often set precedents.

Disruptors look at their existing products in a new way.

While your company may not have the next big thing that will take the world by storm, you can still disrupt the market by using what you have and presenting it differently. The pandemic has changed consumers’ needs and buying habits and created supply chain issues, forcing some companies to think outside the box. For instance, many fine dining restaurants started offering take-out or delivery for customers who stopped eating in restaurants during the pandemic. And some hotels rented out rooms to remote workers seeking a quiet place to conduct business.

Disruptors don’t compare themselves to the competition.

Disruptors spend intentional time learning about who they are. They get clear about their beliefs. They spend time building an inner circle and developing a strategy to create change,


There are two theories in this area: 

1: Beat them: Like a jockey on a winning racehorse, you don’t want to keep pace with your competitors; you want to pull out ahead. Yet, by consistently measuring yourself against them, you can’t help but wind up with a similar marketing strategy. If you want to be an industry leader, don’t worry about the competition; worry about the customers and find what they value.

2: Join them: Coopetition is the new way to compete. Competitor collaboration can help businesses achieve economies of scale, reduce costs, access new markets, improve customer satisfaction, or create social impact.

Disruptors create new markets for their products.

Your potential customer base is likely much larger than the number of people served by your business combined with those served by your competitors. Instead of fighting for a more significant share of the pie, it’s time to bake a larger pie. To do this, you must identify potential customers and find ways to meet their needs. New technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning can provide you with valuable data about consumer needs. This will help you identify segments of the market that are ripe for disruption.

Disruptors are continually evolving all aspects of their company.

To truly be considered a disruptor, it’s not enough to adopt a new mindset. You must also adapt your business model and your company culture. To do this, you must create an atmosphere where creative, outside-the-box thinkers can thrive. The right people can make all the difference, whether they are new hires or current employees who’ve been trained in this new way of thinking.

If you continue to challenge your employees to keep your company ahead of the curve, you will set the pace for the market, and your competitors will work to keep up with you.

Ready to learn if you can become a disruptor

Strategic Coaching Services for DISRUPTORS  

Learn from Melahni Ake, founder of Everyday Leaders, who, for over 30 years, has led successful strategic planning and leadership development in disruptive start-ups, technology, media, medical devices, and community and brand building.

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What could you do with a disruptive mindset? 



Jodi Bondy
Hoosier Photo Organizer

When I was looking for a personal coach, it was vital for me to align with someone that had credibility in the industry and was mission driven in her purpose. Melahni lives her life like an open book and provides "real" guidance as a coach that applies these lessons to her life every day.  Melahni's programs have helped me think outside the box, about my business and improve my accountability in both my personal and professional life.


Jeff Hancher,
Jeff Hancher Enterprises

 I have worked with Melahni on several projects over the last several years and have consistently been impressed by her unique ability to challenge the status quo and drive innovative solutions with her business and her clients businesses.  Melahni posses an exceptional talent for identifying opportunities that others may overlook and formulating a strategic plan that breaks away from a traditional mindset. She has a unique energy for designing creative solutions that solve complex problems with ease and is a catalyst for developing and delivering disruptive strategies that impact communities.  Melahni as a strategic partner is the visionary that will challenge conventional wisdom and help you drive tangible results.  


Shelly Bays
Shelly Bays Coaching and Training
SCALE for Women

As a Professional Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, I know my strengths and when to tap into others. When it comes to WHY Operating System I follow Melahni Ake.  Not only have I taken the assessment with her, but she has also coached me through it. Her depth of knowledge and coaching ability maximize your growth in leveraging your results helping you gain true understanding and application in your life and business of your WHY. You will gain massive clarity around your messaging and whom you attract to your life and business. 


Dennis LaRue, Jr
LDR, Leaders Develop Relationships

Melahni and I met as members of the John Maxwell Leadership Team and become personal friends when I asked her what her favorite quote was. Watching her energy engage and also being a hockey player I wasn't surprised when she said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take". As a WHY consultant Melahni lives this quote every day in which she challenges her clients to trust their instincts and visualize the possibllities to live their lives with more impact. It's been a tremendous eye-opener for me in my life and in my business.

Melahni Ake’s Why Workshop was a WoW moment for me!  Her coaching gave me that “Matrix moment,” revealing the code for my decision-making throughout my life I could not explain!  

Learn the secret formula to become a disruptor and create your freedom to succeed.

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