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We work with leaders and teams of all sizes, across a range of industries, all over the world. Our clients include Fortune 50, healthcare, non-profits, associations, education, and more. Everyday Leaders Workshops will challenge your ideas about how to develop culture, support the team leaders and the values that shape it, encouraging you to think and lead differently. All programs are available in person or virtually.

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Start with WHY


When You Know Your WHY,


This WHY Workshop is designed for us to spend significant time working together to understand your WHY, challenge you on HOW to Bring Your WHY to Life and Ultimately WHAT the world can expect from you.  


If you've ever taken the Myer's Briggs, KOLBE, Strengthsfinder, DISC, Blindspots etc, you will understand that all of these are a specific formula to identify how you will react to the environment, people and situations.  The WHY is a predictable process that is the Essential First Step for you to understand your operating system of how you initiate life from a PROACTIVE approach.  When You know your WHY operating system, all of the other assessments will now help you to understand your complete purpose puzzle. 


This workshop is facilitated by the Founder of Everyday Leaders who was also the first WHY.os Certified Associate in the United States. 


When you know your WHY, WHAT you do has more IMPACT.  We will clarify your WHY, develop your HOW and WHAT and design your own personal WHY operating system.  Once you complete this workshop you will gain clarity on the steps to GET CLEAR in communicating your WHY and STAND OUT in your industry  to Make a Bigger Impact in the World.  


Your WHY, HOW, WHAT statement will allow you to fuel your passion and live a life of purpose.  


Once you have registered for this course, you will be able to take your WHY Assessment and also download the full WHY Workshop Workbook.  

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Join The Everyday Leaders Exclusive WHY Coaching TEAM

2 hrs  |  $500

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Corporate Leaders

WHY Workshop

When You Know Your WHY, Your WHAT You Do Has More IMPACT


If you are ready to challenge your team/your non profit board, your community leaders and find better ways to gain clarity and build consistency in your culture, this workshop is for you.   

All you need is a minimum of 4 hours to learn the essential first step in discovering the predictable  performance puzzle.

If you have led your teams through behavioral assessments such as Myer's Briggs, KOLBE, Strengthsfinder, DISC and more to try to build the right people in the right seats, this is a perfect way to ensure that you are on track with your process and can reinforce your vision and your goals.

If you are an organization that is using the EOS System, The WHY Workshop is a critical tool that can be used to help pull all of the pieces of each department together to align with the vision of the Leadership Team.

This INTERACTIVE Workshop is designed so that it can be delivered at retreats, board meetings and conferences and is facilitated by the the Founder of Everyday Leaders who was also the first WHY.os Certified Associate in the United States.

This can be delivered in-person or virtually depending on your specific needs. 

Individual and/or Group Accountability Coaching is a perfect follow up to provide your teams post workshop and can be included in the full proposal for services.

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Everyday Leaders
5 Week Boot Camp Course

Everyday Leaders

5 Week Bootcamp Personal Development Course and Personal Growth Journal will accelerate your personal growth

The Everyday Leaders Personal Growth Journal will accelerate your personal growth by addressing all areas of your personal and professional life. By following these specific sections designed in your Personal Growth Journal, you will uncover your desires, discover your strengths and design a plan to connect to your purpose. I believe in your power to connect to your passions and your own unique story that will allow you to visualize the next steps in your personal growth journey to become an Everyday Leader in Your Life!


Working through this journal will challenge you to discover better ways to believe in your power within yourself to become an Everyday Leader That Will Gain The Clarity You Need to Begin to Make Sense Out of Your Obstacles So That You Can Make a Bigger Contribution to Changing the World!


By downloading this journal, you have access to the Everyday Leaders Personal Growth and Development Class.


This is a GROUP COACHING CLASS and We Meet LIVE Every

Sunday 7-8pm est 

You Can Begin Any Sunday

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5 WEEK INTENSIVE Workshop  $1,997

The Leadership Game

John C. Maxwell is the number one Leadership Coach in the World and for over 40 years he has led, empowered and equipped leaders and teams to become all that they can be.  Being the expert and authoring over 85 books on Leadership, John is now able to share this knowledge through a patented game, designed to equip you and your teams using these same principles. 

The John Maxwell Leadership Game will be facilitated with your team Exclusively by the Founder of Everyday Leaders, and John Maxwell Team Mentorship Member Melahni Ake.

The John Maxwell Leadership Game is a memorable way to help

Identify and Assess Gaps

Improve Communication

Establish Trust

Celebrate Teamwork


These Key Leadership Values and Principles will connect your group in a unique way like you've never experienced.

 This two hour workshop is a great way to start fresh with your team,  build teamwork and ensure you have the right people in the right seats in your organization.  This workshop can be facilitated  as a lunch and learn, part of a larger workshop conference or board retreat activity  

This can be delivered in-person or virtually depending on your specific needs. 

Additional Services:

Individual Leadership Coaching 

Group Coaching 

Mastermind Book Studies

2 hrs  |  $2500 up to 10 Participants