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Strategic Coaching Services  

One on One Personal WHY Discovery and WHY Coaching

Discover the first essential step to becoming your best self.

If you have reullts from DISC, Ennegram, Strengthsfinder and more, we will use this information to help you get clear in all areas of your life and career and build strategies to deliver impact.

Life coaching
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Corporate Workshop Coaching

Discover the secrets to helping the leaders of corporate teams, build a program to establish trust, improve communication and increase a company's leadership capacity. 

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Coaching for Entreprenuers

If you're a business coach or an entreprenuer, Discover HOW to unlock your BRAND to the next level and provide your clients WHAT they need now.


  • Coaching 1:1

  • Workshops

  • Events-InPerson and Virtual

Group therapy
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Learn the strengths and the values of different assessments and how to communicate using your strenghts to make a bigger impact in your life and business
Learn the secrets to delivering a corporate workshop. Learn how you can bring significant value to your clients
STAND OUT-Become an inlfuencer

Learn the secrets to unlock your brand potential and build your community.



Jodi Bondy
Hoosier Photo Organizer

When I was looking for a personal coach, it was vital for me to align with someone that had credibility in the industry.  Melahni lives her life like an open book and provides "real" guidance as a coach that applies these lessons to her life every day.  Melahni's programs have helped me improve my accountability in both my personal and professional life.


Shelly Bays
Shelly Bays Coaching and Training
SCALE for Women

As a Professional Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, I know my strengths and when to tap into others. When it comes to WHY Operating System I follow Melahni Ake.  Not only have I taken the assessment with her, but she has also coached me through it. Her depth of knowledge and coaching ability maximize your growth in leveraging your results helping you gain true understanding and application in your life and business of your WHY. You will gain massive clarity around your messaging and whom you attract to your life and business. 


Dennis LaRue, Jr
LDR, Leaders Develop Relationships

Melahni and I met as members of the John Maxwell Leadership Team and become personal friends when I asked her what her favorite quote was.  She said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take". As a WHY coach Melahni lives this quote every day in which she challenges her clients to trust their instincts to live their lives with more impact. It's been a tremendous eye-opener for me in my life and in my business.

Melahni Ake’s Why Workshop was a WoW moment for me!  Her coaching gave me that “Matrix moment,” revealing the code for my decision-making throughout my life I could not explain!  

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