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Leadership Coaching
and Business Consulting

Entrepreneurs and community business leaders need a strategic advantage more than ever to make a bigger impact globally.  Working with Melahni Ake and Everyday Leaders Leadership Coaching and Consulting, you will have immediate access to predictable personal and professional development formulas to gain clarity, develop momentum, and create influence.

If your goals include improving consistent revenues, increasing communication, and building better teams, our teams can help you identify gaps and execute growth plans.

Melahni Ake, recognized at Aspire Johnson County's

Woman Leader of the Year, 2024

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We work with leaders and teams of all sizes, across a range of industries, all over the world. Our clients include Fortune 50, healthcare, non-profits, associations, education, and more. Everyday Leaders Workshops will challenge your ideas about how to develop culture, support the team leaders and the values that shape it, and encourage you to think and lead differently. All programs are available in person or virtually.




Unlock Your True 


Potential means having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. We are born with potential, and every day of our life we are challenged by our environment to move towards or away from it. 

What we must do, if we are going to reach our potential is to develop consistent strategies that will create the right kinds of influences, environments, and systems in our everyday life.


We can all become something great in this lifetime. Whether we are developing personally or professionally, it starts with a personal decision to improve.  Deciding to improve your life and realize your value in the world is the most important decision you will ever make. As leaders of our lives, we must learn the process of staying committed to the choices that move us toward our potential. 


Morning Leadership Devotional/ Spiritual Development
Started Oct 1, 2019

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Better Leader In Your Life

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Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting is ready to serve you to develop your strategic plan, train and develop your teams in value based principles, speak at or host your event as a Master of Ceremonies.  Our team will work with you from idea to execution and challenge you to create better ways to implement your vision to make a bigger impact. 


Strategy Coach


Challenge Your Obstacles With a Tactical Plan to Create Better Ways to  Impact The Change You Want to See in The World.


Women's Leadership Programs


Developing Women Leaders Everyday


Corporate Training

mel corporate-training-institute-for-dat

Elevate Your Team Through Leadership Development Training.


at Your Company



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Speak to Your Team for a

Virtual or In-Person


Lunch and Learn

Ask Us How to Be A Part of Our Community Give Back Program FOR Your Community.


MC & Event Host


MC and Event Host. Voice Actor. Contact Melahni to host your

event today!




Your Purpose Puzzle Starts With WHY 

Start with Leadership

Leadership Lessons from Disney 

Communication Foundations

Daily Strategy to WIN in Life

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Meet Our Team

Melahni and Joe Ake are the dynamic duo for all things marketing and media, celebrating 32 years together, finding and living their dream, helping clients through the process of discovering their personal beliefs about themselves and their brand for their business, and helping them amplify their voice with full media consulting and production programs.  Since 2018, they have created, hosted, and produced the Everyday Leaders 50 in 50 Podcast, Everyday Business Leaders Podcast, and Everyday Leaders programming and events to expand leadership connections and empower our community. 


Melahni provides personal and professional development workshops and coaching designed with values-based critical skills for leadership, communication, and teamwork, including behavioral assessments for teams and individuals. Melahni's certifications as a speaker, coach, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team (Maxwell Leadership), a certified consultant with the WHY Institute, and over 25 years in medical device sales leadership, sales training, and building and leading start-up medical devices companies allow her to confidently build future leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers in business. 

Joe is a highly recognized media producer who creates, produces, and teaches media and broadcasting from idea to execution. He is a director and producer for commercial branding media projects with industry leaders in healthcare, nonprofits, finance, media technology, and more.

Locally, you may find this team contributing to the community through media broadcasting and community events, including Aspire Johnson County Chamber Coffee Connections and more.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I am always impressed by Melahni’s positive energy, work ethic, and ability to rally the group. I have worked with her in several capacities, including team coaching and one-to-one executive coaching. Going through the Corporate Leaders WHY Workshop helped our team to better understand our individual motivators and I immediately saw improvement in our communications with each other. Working with Melahni individually allowed me to dig in deeper, and she was able to coach me on strategies for working with my staff to realize their full potential. I know I am a better leader, thanks to Melahni.

Angela Vandersteen

Vice President, Investor Development and Relations, Aspire Johnson County


Woman Leader
of the Year 

On International Women's Day, our community celebrated women, encouraged growth, and recognized milestones.


Melahni Ake, Katie Stahlhut, owner of Stage1Dance Academy, and Carmen Young, Director of Administration Town of Whiteland, were recognized for showing up to serve others. I am still overwhelmed by the impact of this milestone in my life. This recognition validates the growth in my heart to encourage others and provide a pathway for them to grow together in our community.

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