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Many people may spend their whole life looking for a specific time when they discovered their purpose, when life just gets clear and all the pieces start to fall into place. Working with Melahni Ake and Everyday Leaders Leadership Coaching, you will be led through a predictable formula to get clear, stand out and make a bigger impact in your life and for your business.  

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We work with leaders and teams of all sizes, across a range of industries, all over the world. Our clients include Fortune 50, healthcare, non-profits, associations, education, and more. Everyday Leaders Workshops will challenge your ideas about how to develop culture, support the team leaders and the values that shape it, encouraging you to think and lead differently. All programs are available in person or virtually.


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Potential means having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. We are born with it and everyday of our life we are challenged by our environment to move towards or away from our potential.  Each of us has the capacity to become something and everyday we are influenced to reach a potential.  What we need to be careful of is that influences can be good and bad.  If we are influenced in a negative way, our opportunity to reach our capacity gets further and further away.  What we must do, if we are going to reach our potential is to develop consistent strategies that will create the right kinds of influences, environments, and systems in our everyday life. 

As of June 15, 2021 I am partnering with 10 Elite Professional Coaches to join my Everyday Leaders Live Your WHY Coaching Circle.  If you are ready to join me on my journey and learn more about this opportunity,  let's connect now!  

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Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting is ready to serve you to develop your strategic plan, train and develop your teams in value based principles, speak at or host your event as a Master of Ceremonies.  Our team will work with you from idea to execution and challenge you to create better ways to implement your vision to make a bigger impact. 


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Elevate Your Team Through Leadership Development Training.





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Challenge Your Obstacles With a Tactical Plan to Create Better Ways to  Impact The Change You Want to See in The World.


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All our services are offered virtually and have been since 2013.


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Melahni and Joe Ake are the dynamic duo for all things media, celebrating 30 years together finding and living their dream helping clients through the process of developing their voice, message and brand to full media consulting and production.


All personal and professional workshops and coaching are developed from Values Based Critical Skills including Core Purpose Assessments and Behavioral Assessments.  Melahni is a certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team and a certified Consultant with the WHY Institute.


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"Melahni puts the "intention" in intentionality! I've had the pleasure of collaborating and working with Melahni on several leadership initiatives over the past three years. I was particularly impressed with her ability to exhibit consistency in everything she does. From daily devotionals to shining the spotlight on everyday leaders, you can always count on her to lead by example. Her infectious smile, positive attitude, and authenticity are the key ingredients that make her a fantastic leader, coach, mentor, entrepreneur, and friend. In any of these roles, Melahni earns my highest recommendation."

Greg Storch, ACC, CPC, PMP

Military Transition Advocate | Leadership Aficionado | Certified Professional Coach | U.S. Navy Veteran


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