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You can BE MORE in 2024

On January 13th Everyday Leaders joined together to learn and grow. For this event specifically, it's a WRAP! Don't worry, if you missed the live event and are ready to GROW in your personal and professional development, you can still join us for this EXCLUSIVE GROWTH MASTERMIND that begins Feb 1st.

Be More in 2024, the momentum for personal growth for all these like-minded leaders! 

Here's what we learned:

Pre-work: Live2Lead Videos with John Maxwell, Ryan Leak, Kendra Scott, and Marcus Buckingham.

Day of: Lean In and Learn for others 4 hours of leadership development training.

Post Event: 3-month mastermind to grow in our accountability.

As my mentor says, Preparation, Practice, and Reflection are the keys to improving daily.

How will you improve your life in 2024?  You must get connected to a growth mindset community. Are you ready?

Thank you to everyone who battled the weather to invest in your personal growth! Once you become committed to growth, nothing can stop your momentum except you! 

If you missed being in the room and want to learn more about improving your daily habits and accountability, reach out today! 

Find out about our 3-month mastermind that starts Feb 1st that can help you become MORE in 2024. 


Private Facebook Group: Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls with like-minded leaders

Personal Growth Journal

Coaching Strategies for your life and career

Learning from 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth for personal growth and development

REGISTER by Jan 21 and get ONE/ONE 1-Hour Strategy Call with Melahni + join me with my mentor, John Maxwell, for a LIVE Mentoring Call.


Special thanks to JPtheGeek for our space, Joe Ake and JoeAkeStudios for capturing our event, and Chick-fil-A Restaurants for sponsoring our lunch! 

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