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Will You Be The One to Start a Legacy?

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Stefany Dolan and Stacia Jones: becauseOne with Melahni Ake

Today’s Everyday Business Leaders Stefany Dolan and Stacia Jones

Stefany is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. After over ten years as a dental hygienist, she jumped with the rest of her family to create and launch becauseOne. She loves the country life but is always willing to drive to visit family and friends or enjoy a good meal. She enjoys being barefoot in her garden and relishes a good 2:00 coffee. Stefany’s Quote: I’m always perpetually out of my comfort zone. Tory Burch

Stacia is a woman of many hats: wife, dog mom, licensed financial advisor assistant, and executive with becauseOne. While helping run the family financial advising firm, she led the development and launch of becauseOne. She loves her Jeep almost as much as her dog. She enjoys a fun day out equally as much as a day at home, relaxing, watching movies, or reading a book. Her humor is witty, and she’s always good for a one-liner.

Stacia’s Quote: Leadership requires two things: a vision of the world that does not exist and the ability to communicate it. Simon Sinek




A note from Melahni Ake, Founder of Everyday Leaders.

Find out how Everyday Leaders is involved with becauseOne.

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