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When You’re Always Preparing, You’re Always Prepared

On May 4th, I attended the 14th Annual Carroll County Chamber Women’s Luncheon with Julia Leahy as the event host.

I asked my good friend Deb Hallberg to join me and as we were pulling out of my addition to head to the event, Julia called me. (Now this is about 90 minutes before the whole event is starting)

When I answered the phone, Julia in her ever so cheery voice said, hi how are you! I wanted to let you know that Janet Holcomb the First Lady is sick and not able to make the luncheon today. I sat in silence for a minute thinking she was going to say that she is cancelling the event and not to drive up to Delphi from Greenwood.

Those were not what her next words were.

Her next words were, you were my first call. I’d like for you to be our guest speaker because the theme is Living Your Passion, and that’s what you do.

Would you be our speaker today?

Wow! I said, YES, Thank You, YES!

I hung up the phone, looked at Deb, who was driving and said, well here we go!

Melahni Ake and Deb Hallberg, The Parish House

I immediately started looking up the quotes that I wanted to frame my talk around!

I didn’t have my computer, my iPad, my notebook, I only had my calendar book and my business cards.

As Deb drove and we talked, I put together what was on my heart, an introduction to these 130 women about how to use what’s in your heart to keep your perspective.

When we arrived at the venue, The Parish House, it was a church. This was so powerful, my emotions were flowing like a river. I knew that this moment, this opportunity was designed by God.

You see, all my life I watched my family influence audiences from small town churches just like this one. It’s where community is formed and it’s what I believe is so valuable today.

As I poured into this group of 130 women, all I could think about was how can I create inspiration and momentum for this audience and how many lives could I inspire. This was a “surreal” moment in time.

The Parish House

My Grandfather Paul Qualls, Nazarene Song Evangelist. One of my biggest inspirations for sharing my heart for leadership.

You see, our character is built from the choices that we decide for our lives everyday. I am a person of faith and I believe that on of the greatest gifts that God gives us is free will. We get to choose our path everyday. If you believe in his plan those choices help you to become clear, which give you the confidence and the courage to strive for your purpose.

I fully believe that our daily choices determine our opportunities. At the Parish House, I shared how consistency has been the key component and strategy in my life to make the biggest impact. The week prior to this, April 26th, I had spoken and trained the US AirForce, and on June 27th I would be celebrating 1000 days of studying every morning from my Leadership Devotional Bible from my mentor, John Maxwell.

This day was filled with love and gratitude. I met so many fabulous women who are truly changing the world in their own communities. I also reconnected with many good friends on my journey: Shelly Bays and I reconnected and disused how to come together to host a group for passionate women like those in this room who motivated to grow in their confidence and leadership. This day was the beginning of our next conversations that have now created OUR company SCALE for Women, LLP.

Melahni Ake and Shelly Bays, Co-Founders, SCALE for Women, LLP.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, Declares the Lord, Plans to PROSPER you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.

Purchased from the The Noble Owl. Owner Nicole Emery.

How will you prepare today? How will you create your momentum? Who will you include in your inner circle to help you get clear in your purpose?

Remember YOUR journey is YOURS! Living it everyday with passion changes your hearts perspective on what’s possible.

If you need help with your perspective, motivation to create momentum, or a plan to take action in your life reach out to me today. I am your biggest cheerleader. I believe in YOU. Join us to live your passion and be a leader in your life Every Day!

Everyday Leaders Change the World.

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And you did a BEAUTIFUL job! Inspiring and heartfelt!

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Thank you my friend! Love you and thank you for all your support and helping me grow!

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