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Leadership Secrets to Clear Communication

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Did you know there is a secret formula to communication?

 What if you could learn something that would change the rest of your life? 

LEARN THE SECRETS of Communicating with your Spouse/Partner NOW 

VIP SECRET STRENGTHS -WHY for Partners When you know your PARTNERS' WHY, WHAT you can accomplish together has more IMPACT Communication Secrets Are a Gift that you can use for the rest of your life! The pandemic has been brutal on relationships. Being at home with each other 24/7, figuring out finances, redesigning a new workflow in your household, tackling new responsibilities, and most of all, working to improve your communication skills. As a leadership communication coach, I have a great tool to help you gain clarity and purpose in your life again. Don't wait for 30 years to find out the secret to having better relationships with those you care about the most! 

Don't give up on your relationship when you only need permission to gain clarity. 

What if you could have a tool that helped you 

1: Make Decisions with Confidence

2: Build a Better Life Together

3: Develop the Right Resouces

4: Communicate Clearly

5: Build Trusting Relationships

6: Create the Right Culture for Your Family

7: Simplify the Everyday Chaos

8: Challenge Your Goals to Improve Your Outcomes

9: Become an Expert in Your Relationships 

Would you want to learn more? 

This VIP SECRETS Workshop will help you get clear in all of these areas in your life to help you make a more significant impact every day. 

This Discovery, from the WHY Institute, was developed by founder Gary Sanchez with the help of Simon Sinek: and is Predictable, Measurable, and Consistent and can create significant momentum in your life by following three simple steps! 

Does this sound like it would be necessary to you? 

What if you could know the THREE SIMPLE STEPS to Communication? Would this help you with your relationship? 

I have been a passionate Leadership Coach for over TEN years and two years ago discovered my WHY through this process. Once I did, everything else that I had learned up until this point in my life started to fall into place. Learning my WHY was the first step to getting clear in my life. When my husband JOE learned his WHY, our marriage changed. Our life and business became CLEAR, and we began significantly impacting our 30-year marriage. 

My WHY is to Challenge others to find better ways to solve problems that make sense for them. Joe's WHY is to gain trust to make sense of complex and challenging ideas and to become an expert guide for others. Once we learned our SECRET COMMUNICATION TRIGGERS and STRENGTHS, we became a stronger couple. 


It includes 2 FULL HOURS of WHY COACHING to Live Your Best Life.

This is a group session, and you can join virtually: 

We are taking 15 couples through these first classes in December, which would typically cost over $400 for JUST ONE PERSON. 

Now for a limited time, You Can Join In To LEARN all these SECRETS in just TWO HOURS.  You're INVITED to the FUN! 

You and Your Partner/Spouse are invited to this workshop to begin living your best life together. 2 for 1 Holiday Special!

Your second hour includes one/one coaching with your partner/spouse from Joe and me and will be scheduled at a different follow-up time where you can have all your questions answered on how to live your best life with those you love the most. 

Once registered, you and your spouse/partner will be included in this full WORKSHOP. You can participate online, and if you live locally, you can receive discounts for up to 50% off for all future family and partner WHY workshops! 

Don’t wait another moment without this clarity in your relationship and life! 

It’s POST PANDEMIC, and I want to pour into you to help you live your best life, so when you register for this class, you will get a BONUS access to The Heart Of Leadership LIVE, my 6 HOUR Leadership Event featuring 25 Incredible leaders sharing their leadership journey to help you to become better leaders in your everyday life. If you have questions, reach out! 

Don't delay!

We only have room for 15 couples/30 SEATS AVAILABLE for each session. 

Give your loved one the gift that will keep giving for years! See you in class! 

Reserve Your Seat Now for your 2-for-1 WHY Communication Workshop

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