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The Value of Service

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Appreciation takes a moment to celebrate valued service and it's my pleasure to highlight my most recent experience with a new eye care provider.

Service is everything. Let's all strive to create Experiences that stand out in todays world. It just takes one person with a BIG VISION to change the world. We can make a difference, one day at a time. What can you do to make this world a better place, write a google review to recognize your experience, say thanks in a public way and create positive impact.

Thanks Dr Browning for building your vision and a great team!

Here's my google review:


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11 hours ago


I first met Dr. Chris Browning during an after hours Chamber of Commerce event this summer. Once I realized he was an optometrist I shared my personal vision challenges and asked for his input. Dr. Browning was so confident that he could help me that I decided right then that I would do my research on Dr. Browning and since scheduled my appointment for an evaluation. My entire life I have felt anxious about visiting the eye doctor because my vision is so poor, it takes my eyes so long to get through the test, you know 1, or 2, 3 or 4, 5 or 6, 7 or 8.....One time I even cried in the exam chair because of the pressure to try to make a choice that I wasn't confident in making. I have always joked that at some point they will give me a seeing eye dog on the way out or tell me that I have xxx number of years until I will be blind. This fear has been very real for year. My vision challenges make this type of testing extremely stressful because my eyes just can't focus that quickly. I've spent my entire life apologizing to my eye care specialist because it takes me so long to get through all the testing.

I was very apprehensive about this appointment and today was the day. Here's what happened from the moment I walked into this beautifully designed newly opened office I felt like I was visiting a boutique eye spa. From the front desk, pre evaluation check in, exam with Dr. Browning, and eye glass fitting (with Nancy) I was calmly and confidently walked through every single step of the process. The technology is state of the art allowing me to RELAX, there was no AIR PUFFING MACHINE! YEAH, and by the time I got back to the examining room, we had already taken several "pre reading tests" on the wall so I didn't feel so much pressure. Each time I answered a question, there was a confident confirmation from the technician and the doctor.

This is such an important step from a patients perspective. It's the little things that make the biggest impact. This entire exam was a thorough step by step process and what I appreciated the most was how Dr. Browning assuringly educated me about my eyes. He provided specific reasoning behind every comment and the importance of understanding how to care for my unique challenges. With every explanation I felt a sense of calm and peace like I have never felt at an eye appointment I've ever had in my life. Dr. Browning was extremely patient with my diagnosis, answered all of my questions and concerns, challenged me (because of the dangers specifically to my eyes to not sleep in my contacts) and provided specific instruction for next steps for a life of "healthy eyes".

When my exam was finished, Nancy led me into the lobby where she slowly walked me through a process to find the perfect frames. Now that I'm upgrading my contacts and glasses I also chose a perfect pair of SUNGLASSES called VELMA that matched my BRAND of my business Red Hearts. (photo above)

The insurance process was smooth and I was taken care of and checked out and thanked for my business as a new customer. What I appreciated also was when Nancy asked me at the very end of our check out, so how did you find out about us......and I told her, I met Dr. Browning at a Chamber Event over tacos! I can't thank Dr. Browning and the team at VisionQuest Eyecare for giving me confidence to "see" for the rest of my life! I appreciate you all! I highly recommend VisionQuest Eyecare for your next appointment and evaluation I am so glad I found a team that already feels like my family.

Thank you VisionQuest Team for caring about the details and creating an experience that will last a lifetime!

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