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The Heart of Leadership

In December 2021, during the middle of the pandemic, Joe and I hosted a 6-hour LIVE Virtual event called the Heart of Leadership -Live.

We brought 25 leaders together to share their ideas, values, and strategies on leadership to encourage others in their journey.

which includes Gary Brackett's Keynote on Champion Mindset

Speakers include Gary Brackett, Chip Baker, Nadene Joy, Greg Storch, John Eades, Ryan Blasko, Traci Morrow, Meredith Bell, Tim Shurr, LaChelle Adkins "America's Supermom", Steve Gielda, Jeff Hancher, and David McGlennen.

Speakers include Suzanne Castle, Dean Renfro, Sparkle Lindsay, Maria Angelova, Dennis LaRue, Jr, Diane Dick, Michael LeBlanc, Jennifer Garrett, Laura White, Michael Anderson, Toyinda Smith, and Deb Hallberg.

This was a difficult period for many people because we were still being asked to stay at home, and there was so much unknown in the world.

At times like this, we as leaders must come together to gain clarity on the future by returning to the basics. What do we believe in our hearts to be true?

This is a question that every leader asks him or herself at times when there are difficult obstacles in their life.

Through my mentor, John Maxwell, I am learning that every leader must have the courage to overcome these obstacles and improve daily life. When a leader takes on this attitude of determination, nothing will stop them from moving forward. Every day, we must decide to take one action step forward to achieve success. Everything we want in life is uphill; we must find a way to create momentum.

This is why we must #movetheball and have a #championmindset every day.

Here are two powerful messages from great leaders, Jennifer Garrett and Jeff Hancher, who joined us during this conference, and I wanted to share their segments to encourage you today. The Move, the Ball Campaign, has just launched gear to "Put a Cap on Breast Cancer"

What is the one obstacle that you are working to overcome?

If you could get clear with the next steps, how would that change your momentum?

Do you need a direction or a workshop to gain perspective on a goal?

Do you have a team to inspire?

Do you need to work on a plan with a strategic coach?

Contact us today to schedule a workshop, retreat, or strategic planning event with your team.

We work with Boards of Directors, Corporate Leaders, Chambers of Commerce, School Boards and School Leaders, Community Business Leaders, and Teams.

Everyday Leaders make decisions every day to overcome obstacles. What is the one thing that can help you to improve your odds of winning in life?

Register for a ONE TIME strategy session to help you think through a tactical plan

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