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Hey Bidder Bidder, Who Do You Want at Your Next Gala?KELLY RUSSELL that's who.

Meet Kelly Russell, a professional auctioneer who lives right here in Lafayette, Indiana.

Kelly Russell is an expert auction strategist, benefit auctioneer, and fundraising host who has helped organizations raise over $200 Million to support their great work. Kelly leads her team of fundraising professionals to produce auctions that consistently exceed client goals, and Kelly's remarkable results keep clients coming back year after year. With 18 years of profitable auctions behind her, Kelly’s passion is coaching nonprofit organizations and schools on maximizing their revenue while eliminating wasted time and effort. When she isn't planning auctions and raising record-breaking revenue, you can find Kelly traveling the globe, hosting (and crushing) game nights, or relaxing with a fizzy beverage among friends in the great outdoors. Kelly and her team are dedicated to one mission: powerful fundraising for positive change.

I've worked with Kelly and seen her in action. Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn from this expert in taking your mission to millions!

Get your copy of "The Book on Fundraising Auctions" Hitting the Benefit Auction Jackpot at Your Next Gala!

Learn all the secrets from Kelly and watch the full interview right here!

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