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Giving a Lot of HOPE

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Today’s Everyday Business Leader is Kathy Buck with Book Pillows of Hope, a 501C3 Organization that brings hope in difficult times to children experiencing grief and loss.

Kathy, in a recent interview at the 95th Annual FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, said this:

“We go wherever there’s a need. Wherever we feel we can comfort a child, we’ll be there,” says Kathy Buck of Indianapolis, who founded a non-profit organization called Book Pillows of Hope.

What do these book pillows look like?

“We make 14-inch pillows. We cover them in fabric – there’s a pocket on the front and a handle for the child to carry the pillow with – and then a book is inserted in the pockets, so it’s educational and comforting. We donate these to children in the community,” says Kathy.

She says Book Pillows of Hope first started as a gift idea for her family.

Listen to our interview and learn more about how you can get involved in this organization!

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