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Do you have what it takes to Change Your World?

If your vision includes “Changing the World,” let’s make that happen.

My passion is to help you gain the clarity and courage to use your strengths and make a bigger impact in your life.

In 2016, I felt my heart shift to the desire for more; it’s the same year we sailed our (new to us) 30ft Catalina Sailboat from Northport Harbour in Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan, to Michigan City, IN port. The Journey took over two weeks for new sailors to the trials of Lake Michigan. We left port on May 2, 2016; the weather was 42 degrees. We encountered incredible winds and storms through the manitou islands, and yet after 13 hours into our journey, we had only traveled 30 minutes (in land calculations)

Sailing in calmer waters after the storm in the middle of Lake Michigan

Sometimes, you need strong lessons in life to help you gain perspective. Are you reflecting on what you’ve overcome in your life to help you reach your next level of impact?

I’m programmed to challenge goals, people, and processes, and I know from experience that you can waste incredible amounts of time without a coach or a navigation system to help you on your journey to success.

Melahni and Joe at Northport Harbour, Grand Traverse Bay, MI, leaving for our journey on “Journey” our boat….. and that it was.

What is your BIG DREAM? It doesn’t have to be navigating 300 nautical miles down Lake Michigan in a new boat…..yet we all have those ideas of “What if I did” goals.

Do you have one?

Is it a podcast?

Is it a business?

Is it a community program?

Is it to become an author?

Is it to overcome public speaking?

Is it to overcome the fear of networking?

Is it to challenge yourself to become a better person that YOU can trust and depend on?

Is it to have better relationships?

Is it just to be a better communicator?

Is it to build a better team in your workplace to achieve the right culture?

Hi, I’m Melahni Ake. With over 40+ years of challenging myself to take risks and be 100% committed, I’m leaning in on the simple ingredients that you need to be successful in ANYTHING you want to achieve.

Want to learn my secrets?

Set up a free discovery call today, and let’s get your dreams started to help you “Change Your World. It’s possible!

Or set up a one/one strategy call valued at $397.00

Use CODE SSP and save $150 on your first Strategy Session, which includes a personal WHY Assessment to help you gain the clarity you need to navigate your next steps with purpose and vision.

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