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Celebrating Community Partners and Programs

What an absolute blast today celebrating Top Floor Women, Girls Youth Leadership Programs and catching up with great friends!

Thank you to all the women who have helped to grow and supported our TOP FLOOR WOMENs programs in 2023! We are building Indy’s Southside Premier Women’s Networking Event.

Thank you too for speaking and adding value to our community, our hosting sites Franklin College and JPtheGeek and for sponsoring coffee, snacks, surprises and registration!

Thanks to Joe Ake for capturing all of our speakers! You can subscribe to our playlist on YouTube here and replay all of our speakers this year:

Register for January’s Meeting Now at

If you are ready to uplevel your leadership influence join me for the LIVE2LEAD 5 day Replay, gain access to a VIP Ticket to our #Bemorein2024 LIVE event Jan 13th and and help us fund scholarships for young women’s youth programs.

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