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Can you learn from a Bear?

Hey Everyday Leaders,

Stop right now with whatever you are doing and stand up, stretch your whole body up to the sky as far as you can go.

Take a deep breath in

Breathe out

Again. Breathe IN

Breathe Out

Watch this baby bear cub stopping to play with a balloon.

Think about how you can spend more time taking intentional breaks to “play” “relax” and “recover your mindset” in your daily routine.

What would you do to create a “playful space”.

For me I go back to what I get to do everyday and the people I am surrounded by in my inner circle to help me think outside the box.

My friend Diane Dick Legacy Training and Development has been a coaching partner and friend that will love this video too. Diane also leads a group on Facebook for facilitators to inspire others think of creative ways to approach teaching lessons on communition, team building and leadership. It takes the right mindset to see opportunities .

Mindset provides a clear pathway for growth.

If you are intentional about your mindset especially when it comes to overcoming obstacles, you will be one step closer to achieving success in your life.

So take a deep breath and focus on stretching your mindset and approach your next big thing with a playful heart.

Don’t make a list of your tasks, create a bubble chart or map, create a vision board with my friend Steve Gamlin., the Motivational Firewood Guy.

Walk across the road with a skip in your step and challenge your approach to think and act differently.

You’ll be surprised how much more impact you will experience and how much joy you will begin to feel in your soul.

I’m a strategic growth coach, I help you design the right processes to help you achieve greater results and make the impact you believe in.

Be more in 2024.

Reach out today to discuss your next project, workshop or retreat with your team. Let's do more together in 2024!

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