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You can GROW today!

Hey Everyday Leaders,

When you live your life to become aware of better ways to serve, live and add value to others your life becomes crystal clear in your daily to do’s.

If you are distracted, exhausted, or confused about the future I want to encourage you today, there’s hope.

In 2016 I was in a successful medical device leadership career yet in a very difficult place looking for real leadership to inspire my life.

Global Sales Training and one of our incredible classes we taught.

I knew I was surrounded by people in leadership positions NOT people who were "on my team" with my best interest in mind. I knew what I needed and I SOUGHT after it. When I was searching for it, I found it. You see the teacher is always there to mentor you but you don’t see them until you have experienced enough of “this is enough”. When you realize your mentors are right in front of you and own your growth process, you begin to invest in your life. You begin to grow beyond imagination.

I wish each one of you the kind of growth that I have experienced in my life. This week our morning devotional group celebrated 5 years of everyday consistency, traveling together to the John Maxwell Live2Lead event in Atlanta and gaining new partners for my non profit Making Everyday Leaders, Inc to help build community leadership programs and resources to improve where we live.

My mentor, John Maxwell, has helped me to gain clarity through the last seven years and has helped me to inspire and motivate others to take action on their dreams.

Andrea Salmon, Principal at Shortridge High School and Visionary for Girls Talk Programs

I am excited for the next chapter releasing a new Book “Everyday Moments” very soon where you can connect to my journey of transformation along with a very close inner circle of my friends that have been on a journey of healing, seeing, believing and action!

Ready to accelerate your growth?

Need an inspirational speaker for your event?

Want to be a part of a growth mindset community?

Want to volunteer in our school youth leadership program?

Need spiritual growth and development?

Ready to sit down and strategically grow your life and business?

Reach out to me today for help. My next series of workshops start soon!

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