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The Power of Evaluated Reflection: What is one of your favorite memories from your High School?

It’s been a couple of years (37 to be exact) since I’ve been at Greenwood High School.

This week, I was volunteering and judging the Senior Projects. It was such a great way to give back to the community.

One of the girls I heard yesterday is a part of the GHS softball team and talked about how much she loved it. I shared with her that Kim Sedam and I were the two people who asked the question, “How can we start a softball team?” —- they said, with 100 names on a petition and a coach. So that’s what we did….. and the first girl's softball team was formed! Isn’t that fun!

We all make an impact every day that we may not even recognize until years later. I encourage you in this season to do what you can with all you have; it will absolutely change your life. Recognize the impact you can have in your life when you go back and reconnect your dots--Steve Jobs.

If you go back through your life, what is something that you started because of a challenge or a passion to make a difference? What are you still doing today to make an impact?

Today is the day; this season is the right season to give more, to live more, and to be more.

My mentor, John Maxwell, reminds me that evaluated reflection can have a significant impact on your growth. If you are ready to grow, register today to learn strategies to become a better leader in your life.

If you are ready to learn the process and the power of evaluated reflection, register for my 15 Laws of Growth Introductory Class. It may be just what you need this holiday season to change your life. USE CODE GIVE to save 50% off this class now!

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