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Start your engines......

Ladies and Gentleman, START YOUR ENGINES: Today's EveryDay Leader™ 50in50 was born to WIN. Sports Car Racing is literally in his blood. Not only is he a racer, but he is also a leader in life, family, and a lifetime mentor and friend to everyone he meets. It is an honor to have Chris Arbuckle as my guest today. We interviewed Chris face to face in his "garage" back in 2018! I love this interview and release it to honor Chris and his racing legacy each RACE DAY!

Chris Arbuckle was raised on the Northeast side of Indianapolis and some of Chris' earliest memories are listening to the Indianapolis 500 on the radio during Memorial Day weekend picnics in his neighbor’s backyard.

Like many in Indy, Chris grew up a bonafide “Car Guy”. Family friends introduced his Dad to Sports Car racing and Chris was bitten by the racing bug very early on. His Dad, Gordon, recognized the dedication and passion required to succeed in racing at any level would translate well to success in everyday life. Chris was fortunate to have a family that encouraged and supported his racing efforts and still competes on a regular basis in Amateur Sports Car events throughout the country.

Chris has found that the team element required in racing does indeed translate well into the business world. Since 1999, he has built a successful career in the Medical Capital Equipment arena. Starting as a Sales Representative in the very competitive gastroenterology equipment space, he now serves as the Area Director of Sales for the Central part of the US for Fujifilm’s Endoscopy Division. He has learned that Leadership has its challenges, but just as in his racing endeavors, he understands that preparation and commitment to his team are the keys to winning on a consistent basis. He is passionate about colon cancer screening and wakes up every day knowing that the instruments he represents and the team he leads are assisting physicians and caregivers across the midwest in battling this preventable disease.

Chris is a great friend and mentor to so many of us in the medical device industry.

Pictured below, Chris was also one of my legendary speakers at the first annual Everyday Leaders Leadership Conferences on March 2, 2019, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields.

Thank you Chris for being a servant leader in our community!


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Let the race begin!

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