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Updated: May 1, 2022

Do you remember the last time that you met a person for the first time and upon that encounter you immediately connected, I mean deeply connected as in you felt like, wow, this person really gets me, or maybe you thought, wow, this conversation really helps to bring value and confirms my thoughts on this subject? Now this encounter could have been at a social event, a work retreat, your kids field trip or a family vacation and when you had this initial conversation, you felt as though you had known this person all your life.

Many times in our daily live we are in environments that cause us to live by our schedule and accepts our routines. We get up, we start our normal routines and we live a life that just happens. It’s when we are in a change of pace and out of our routine that we can truly relax and let our normal guards down on how we may typically engage with others.

You see your environment has everything to do with creating the right mindset about your surroundings and it also allows you to be open to the kinds of opportunities that may be exposed to you. By joining a class, watching a video or even reading a great book you can take the first step towards influencing your mindset.

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