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Find Your Voice, Change Your Life

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Recently, I was invited to join my friend, Dr. Doreen Downing, on her platform to share my personal story about what has impacted my life the most regarding finding my voice in the world.

What I love most about this interview is that sharing moments like this with Doreen is like having coffee with an old friend, sitting by a fire in a snowy cabin during the middle of winter with a cup of hot cocoa. She is an absolute pleasure to spend time with and is an expert in helping individuals find their voice.

Here is a little more about Dr. Doreen Downing: After earning a degree in Sociology in the 1960s, my life path led to Malaysia as a Peace Corps volunteer. I realized that at the core of social problems were communication and relationship issues. I returned to get a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and began my private practice in the 1980s.

Melahni Ake joined Dr. Doreen Down in episode #88 of the Find Your Voice, Change Your Life, Podcast.

If you are ready to learn more about becoming a more confident speaker, to speak from the essence of who you truly are, I highly recommend downloading Doreen's 7 Steps to Essential Speaking at

If you'd like to listen to our entire interview and learn more about my personal story, click here to go to my private interview page. You can download the full transcript of our interview as well.

If you are ready to learn the principles of consistency, joy, and speaking from your heart, let's connect. I host an Everyday Leadership Devotional and mentoring at 7:30 am est. on zoom, weekly personal growth classes, team workshops, retreats, and more strategies for personal growth and development.

I believe everyone deserves to be led well. I believe in choosing to lead yourself well every day. Everyday Leaders can change the world; it starts with your daily attitude and decisions to take action.

Join Dr. Doreen Downing and me to inspire your life in your personal and professional growth. We are here to help you gain the confidence you need to live your life with success.

Start with where you are today like I did learning to play Ice Hockey at the age of seven.

I could have let many things stop me

1: Never having ice skated before in my life

2: Being the only girl in an all-boys league

3: Our family not having the finances to support an expensive sport

yet I chose to learn strategies to focus on where the puck, my life, was going instead of where it was.

What are you waiting to learn to have more confidence, joy, and success?

What is stopping you from seeing where the puck is going?

What goals are you striving to achieve?

Do you need help seeing and implementing the bigger vision for how to position your life for the good things that are coming your way?

What if you could learn three essential leadership lessons for your life right now that would help you achieve every goal in your life?

1. Learn how to do something new

2. Learn how to gain confidence and be a great team member even when no one is like you

3. Learn how to focus on where you want to be instead of being stuck where you are.

Don't wait. Start now. Personal Growth is a choice. Find Your Voice and Change Your Life;

CLICK HERE to use code 15 LAWS to join the Everyday Leaders Personal Leadership online class, which includes your full five weeks of personal growth.


  • Invite ONE FRIEND to JOIN YOU FOR FREE (Leaders bring others with them)

  • Downloadable Personal Growth Strategy Workbook

  • VIP ACCESS Replay to the Heart of Leadership Live

  • 49 Page Workbook for 25 Speakers and the Heart of Leadership Live 6-hour event!

Don't delay,

Become a better leader in your life now!

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