Fill Your Cup Challenge

Updated: Feb 3

Happy New Year EveryDay Leaders!

My CHALLENGE For You in 2021 WHAT YOU VIEW is WHAT YOU DO so Create Habits That Will Add Value to Your Life to Improve You!

Discover and Uncover Your Belief System and Come to Terms With Them Gain Clarity About Your Behaviors because They Tell a Story About Your Beliefs

Celebrate Those You Love

(Including Your self -Self care is Critical)

Forgive Yourself for Limiting Beliefs

Discover Your Real WHY and Make a Plan From It

Be Flexible and Pivot To Those Opportunities that FILL Your CUPGive, Give, Give and Give some more

Learn To Listen and Trust Your Inner Voice

Put Faith in The Center of Your Life -Study a Scripture a Day and Learn How to Listen to God To Apply Lessons to Your Life

Have a Grateful Heart Live to Serve Remove Toxic Habits and People

GROW Live To Challenge Yourself to Improve 1% :14 minutes EveryDay Consistently for 365 Days straight!

These are a few of the ways you too can Learn to Lead Yourself To Become EveryDay Leaders

Join me to Discover your WHY on Sundays in 2021! Buy One Give One, Fill Your Cup!

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