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The power of influence lies within our dreams. Jan 12, 2018, on my 50th Birthday, I created EveryDay Leaders 50in50 Podcast and as a Certified Leadership Development Coach, Trainer and Speaker,I wanted to develop a platform fo inspire the world in my 50th year as a pivotal year of celebration. As I turned 50 on January 12, 2018, it was a Friday, and as I looked at the calendar I decided that God had given me 50 weeks left in my 50th year to do something that could add value to the world. It was at that moment when I looked at my husband Joseph K Ake and we developed the Podcast! My introduction to the program says it all, EveryDay Leaders Is an inspirational Show to help you develop strategies to overcome everyday obstacles in your life. My guest will share the disciplines that they are practicing everyday to achieve a life of success. As I continued my dream over the first several weeks in 2018, my path became intentional and my dreams became bigger. I continued to connect to people in my life that inspired me to live bigger, think differently and not be afraid to take the first step into my dreams. You see each consistent week provided the momentum that I needed to keep dreaming bigger.

Only a few weeks into 2018 and during the months of February and March 2018 I was already deciding to host some sort of leadership event inviting guests from my one year experience of hosting this new podcast. I began to announce to people “get ready” I have a big announcement that I am going to share with you on Saturday April 7th! I didn’t realize what kind of news I would actually have to announce on Saturday, April 7, that would change the direction in my life forever.

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It was on Friday, April 6, 2017, that I was eliminated from my job, (the first time in my life that I was ever in a position like this. The most heart wrenching statement from the person that eliminated me was that “he was eliminating the position because I had no value to the organization, after all the impact in all of the departments that I was a part of, there was zero benefit to me as an employee) Wow, that was one of the most unbelievable statements I could have ever heard. I have always been a person to give everything, lean in, learn as much as I can, be curious and learn something new to add value to my life.

Here I was also pouring into my personal life, to create significant value that I was connected to in my soul and fulfilling an even bigger purpose in my journey and in my “career that I had excelled in for many years - was told I had no value). This was a day in my journey that I will never forget. A day when I reflected deeply into what I believed about myself. A day when I decided, that my dreams were bigger than this career. You see, I was always the one that said “yes” in my companies. I wasn’t afraid to try anything new, create new teams, create training departments, create new product portfolios, create and support a culture and behavioral shift to gain market share. I was the energy and the positive spirit to help inspire and influence behaviors. All of this was what I believed about myself and my success up until April 6, 2018. It was at this moment that I had to decide that my beliefs about myself were more important than what other people believed. I was heart broken over being told I had no value to a company that I believed in. Now it was my time to regain composure and step into my gifts to truly connect to things that added value to my life and others insignificant of a corporate agenda.

It was the very next day.... that I made my big announcement to the world on social media. I had been planning this announcement for weeks!

April 7, 2018, I signed a contract at the Indianapolis Museum of Art to host my inaugural EveryDay Leaders 50in50 Podcast Leadership Summit with the intention to bring people of influence together to share their personal stories that can help people overcome everyday obstacles in their lives. My dream was to connect people and provide a platform for them to share their lives where others could once again be inspired by their success.

So here we are March 2, 2019 and my dream became a reality! 9 guests from my podcast, joined me live once again to share their stories of inspiration and influence in our community! I am so humbled to be in the room with these incredible and passionate leaders and I am so proud of each and every one of their personal accomplishments.

My mentor, Dr John Maxwell, teaches me that Leadership is Influence, nothing more and nothing less, and yesterday was proof of what the power of your Personal Leadership can accomplish for a life of success and significance!

I’m so thankful for my journey and these people right here that helped to make my dream a reality! You can join me on my journey, sign up for my personal growth and development classes, personal coaching or keynote speaking. Visit my website at www.makeconnectionsforlife.com.

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