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Evaluating Your Leadership

Leadership is a journey, and growth occurs when we recognize that where we are is not where we want to be. It's evaluating our current situation and taking the steps to grow, change, and become more,

Growth is an insightful exploration of challenges in your personal and professional journey. Discovery tools like the one I've created are grounded in the profound principles outlined in the Law of Intentionality, the cornerstone of the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Book, written by John C. Maxwell.  As an avid learner and John Maxwell mentee, I have grown the most by applying these principles to my everyday life. This material inspired me to create the community of Everyday Leaders, the Everyday Leaders 50in50 Podcast, Everyday Leaders EventsEveryday Leaders Morning Leadership DevotionalsEveryday Business, Sales, and Medical Leaders programs

If you'd like to learn more about the areas you can improve today that will help you become the best YOU in 2024, take this Leadership Growth Survey. It will help you gain clarity, courage, and confidence about your leadership goals for your future.

As a Bonus, for taking this assessment, you will be entered to WIN a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card.

As an EXTRA BONUS, you will have access to John Maxwell's Year End Reflection Worksheet and Podcast, where he will lead you through the worksheet and how he spends his time reviewing the end of his year to make the most impact in 2024.

Set yourself up for success!

Most people want to change their circumstances but are unwilling to change themselves.

Click below to take this assessment now. Begin to understand yourself and improve your circumstances.

Strive to be a better leader every day. Join the Everyday Leaders Community and find the motivation, resources, and programs to help you with your daily leadership accountability.

If you need help in your personal or professional leadership journey, you can contact us today


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