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Don't Miss Your Moment

My heart, like so many in the world, has been mourning for the Presley family.

No matter what we do, we have been exposed to this legacy and influence, and it’s been a part of our history.

For me: I grew up right beside Lisa Marie in spirit. I was born Jan 12, 1968, and she was born Feb 1, 1968. Our fathers both died when we were young. Mine when I was 5, hers when she was 9.

Lisa Marie died last week on January 12th, on my 55th Birthday.

I have always felt a deep connection with her. I watched the early videos and photos unravel her life, and it had also taken me back to a time when things were simple. When life was so full of joy, I didn’t know pain, suffering, and loss.

Photo of John Qualls and Melahni Qualls Jan 1968

Photo of Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie, 1968

What I’ve learned through the years is to hold on to these moments that define you. Those moments make you WHO you are.

These are the moments that count and that fuel your passions in life. I’ve heard Lisa Marie’s interviews about her father's love, and that’s exactly how my relationship with my father was. When you feel the kind of love, I felt, and I know Lisa Marie felt as a child, you live in the spirit of that moment. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality that matters most.

My heart goes out to anyone that has experienced loss. It is a lifetime to live those special moments and use those to fuel your life to become who you were designed to be.

We all have a special purpose for using our gifts in this world.

I can feel the deep connection of gratitude and love in this photo. He brought Elvis Presley to life. He brought back memories from Lisa Marie's heart. This photo makes my heart smile.

Connect with the spirit that brings you alive in your heart.

Don’t miss your moment. It won’t be here forever.

If you are searching for the connection of your heart, take a deep breath and start today.

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