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Consistency Changes Your Life

Throughout my leadership journey, I've found that if you want to add value to others, you have to first start with adding value to yourself everyday. That's why I have what I like to call my "everyday essentials": everyday I read, everyday I think, everyday I file, everyday I ask questions, and everyday I write.  I do these things everyday with the goal of adding value to leaders who will multiply value to others. When preparing lessons and writing books to share with all of you, spending intentional time each day investing in my personal growth has been a difference maker in my life. I would encourage you to do the same!  #BookRelease #ComingSoon #16Laws #WritingProcess #Consistency #PersonalGrowth
John Maxwell’s Thoughts on Consistency

John Maxwell is my mentor, my coach, my friend.

He is the inspiration behind my company EveryDay Leaders. He is the person that spoke to my heart to help me see that value in myself so that I could begin to add value everyday to my life.

It’s not what you do in a day that matters it is the consistency of what you do everyday that changes your life.

If you have been on my journey you know how passionate I am about this and how this inspiration has helped me to start multiple companies to help share my love for improving others personal leadership.

When you hear someone speak about change it’s refreshing. When you experience it, it becomes transformational.

If you’ve joined my classes, been a coaching client, read any of my co-authored books, attended or spoke at my live events, helped with or been a part of any of my Women’s leadership groups, or been a part of the Proverbs Challenge from John Maxwell on my EveryDay Leaders EveryDay Leadership Devotional , I appreciate your willingness to discover what change can look like in your life.

I want to encourage you today to journal about what you see for your life, maybe your business, your team, and reflect on the possibilities and unlimited potential that you have when you begin investing in yourself.

Personal growth is a straight commission business. If you don’t show up to grow, you will never experience the fruits of your labor to your potential.

Do the work. Become a better leader everyday.

I believe in you and so does my mentor.

Ready to start your journey?

Need help leading your teams?

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Let’s go!

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