Building Strategies to Win in Life

A great quote, "If we fail to prepare, we are preparing to fail".

So many lessons about life and leadership in this simple quote. One of the things that has been a topic in Indianapolis this morning has been the recent news of Andrew Luck's retirement from football. Now, although the timing of this wasn't ideal, I'm reflecting the steps that have happened to lead up to this point and trying to connect this lesson to our life.

Andrew Luck is the Quarterback of an NFL team, that does not make his life any easier than yours. We all have 24 hours in a day to choose how we live and what our legacy will be in the world around us. What is different is that every choice he makes is instantly public for the world and the media o magnify.

As I'm reflecting this morning, here are some of the top 5 obstacles that Andrew Luck has had to face that are also similar obstacles that we all face everyday as leaders

1: Living up to family expectations

2: Being compared to someone else

3: Becoming aware of our strengths and being pulled into a career because of your strengths before you are fully aware of your talents

4: Surrounding yourself with a team of mentors to guide you through every decision

5: Eliminating the noise in your life so that you can make decisions that matter to you and your livelihood

Now, I haven't followed every news article and I'm not going to make a judgement about his decision based on what the media tells me how to think.

I do know that every one of us are going through similar obstacles and cross roads in our lives and it is important to learn what OUR CORE VALUES are and how we can accelerate our strengths and use our passion to live a fulfilled life. Sometimes, there are circumstances that we must face and upon reflection, it teaches us lessons that we can use to gain true perspective in our lives.

I encourage every one of you to take our a pen and paper today and list out your obstacles that you are facing. If you could influence these same top 5 obstacles that Andrew Luck faces, how could you live your life with success? Are you ready to face these challenges head on?

I challenge you! Be the Everyday Leader In YOUR LIFE TODAY! Build the strategies that you need to improve your outcomes and step into your true potential! You deserve to have everything YOU WANT in LIFE! It is waiting for you!

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