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Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Hey Everyday Leaders, I need your help!

Can you click the link here and FOLLOW the Non-Profit site we partnered with becauseOne. Making Everyday Leaders, Inc. is making an impact this school year for at-risk girls in our local community high school. Your support means the world!

Every donation impacts building leadership confidence and potential in these young women! We are intentionally paying it forward. Thank you to Tiffany Woods and Brenda Morris Maulden for supporting this program! We appreciate you!

Thank you to all the volunteers and community leaders stepping up to make a difference in these girls' lives as mentors! Tamesha Allen, Ebony Ligon, Amanda Sparks, Michelle Jones, Shalamar Lundy, and India Taylor Brown! Thank you!

We only need 37 more $25 gifts to fund the 2 $500 Scholarships in Joe and Katherine Ake's Legacy. My in-laws met in this same high school in study hall around 1937. Now, it's our turn to give back to our community and leave a legacy in leadership.

Will you help me?

The Joe Ake Legacy $500 Scholarship will be given to the student in our program who exhibits the capacity to thrive as an entrepreneur. He came home from WWII, where he had been an airplane mechanic. He had a curiosity about life. When televisions were just being produced, he began to serve people in the community by traveling door to door carrying a cigar box with small tools and replacement parts to fix people's TVs. After a while, he realized that he could start a repair shop in his home, and eventually, the house became the entire store, Recommended TV and Appliance. The heart of an entrepreneur. This business became three stores and raised a family of 9 children on the southside of Indianapolis. Dad Ake sold the company in the early 1990s and retired.

The Katherine Ake Legacy $500 Scholarship will be given to the student in our program who exhibits the capacity to be a community leader, peacemaker, and advocate. Dad Ake always referred to Mom Ake as the public defender because she supported everyone no matter who they were. Katherine was raised in a boarding school in Pennsylvania after her mother died, and I remember her saying that all she ever wanted was to be surrounded by love. You could always find her in the kitchen making something delicious, playing cards, or working on sewing an outfit or costume for a grandchild. She gave her time to many community programs, served at the food pantry and church bake sales, and welcomed everyone to sit at her kitchen table and discuss life. What I remember most about Katherine was her wit and heart to serve others.

Learn more about my in-laws in this video produced by Joe for the Perry Township Historical Society Meeting. Joe and Katherine Ake were incredible servant leaders.

Here’s a video from Joe's Sisters about his family’s TV and Appliance Store history. You may remember Recommended TV and Appliance at Thompson Rd and Madison Ave in Indianapolis, IN, which was open for nearly 50 years.

Thanks for watching and considering supporting our cause to build a greater community.

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