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Are you getting clear in your life?

Updated: May 1, 2022

Hey Everyday Leaders,

Are you taking time to reflect on your year so far?

My mentor, John Maxwell, reminds me that the important part of reflection is evaluating the experience.

Recently, Using this type of process helped me to get really clear in my objectives for 2022 and make some really important changes to support my goals.

Creating a process for evaluated reflection helps you realize when your life is simply not in alignment with your beliefs so that you can make significant changes when needed.

Do you have a certain place you go to reflect every day?

Where is one of your favorite places to explore in the world?

I’ve always been inspired by traveling to experience different cultures and I’ve realized how much my heart is longing right now to go back to Amsterdam!

Creating the right environment to have the right mindset provides a pathway for consistency, clarity, and courage to take action.

I want to send a special thanks to my friend and WHY COACHING colleague Haydn Bratt (BA, ACIPD) for this week's 5-day mindset challenge! This process is exactly what I needed to gain clarity.

What are you doing to gain clarity in your life?

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