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3 Steps to Improving Your Communication

Communication is the key to our success in life. In every culture we must learn a language in order to achieve results. If you want to share a feeling, emotion or belief, you must find a way to engage your thoughts into words or actions to be understood.

Even when we are infants, before we learn to talk, we are still communicating. Babies cry when they are hungry and a mother or care giver instantly knows the child needs attention just because that is the signal to the baby's way of communicating.

Until the age of 25 our brains are not fully developed so everything that we communicate is a response from the limbic part of the brain where we generate feelings like loyalty and trust. This is why so many young adults may be labeled as "emotional", when really they are simply developing that way.

Have you ever wondered why as an adult that it is easier to communicate with some people more than others?

Have you ever wondered why your spouse doesn't always hear what you say even when you are in the same room when you are speaking to them?

Have you ever worked for hours or days, trying to write a dynamic resume that would attract the right employer only to have a weak response.

On the other hand, have you developed friendships with people and then been separated for years, and when reconnected you can pick up where you left off and never feel like you've missed a beat in each other's lives?

Have you ever been able to position yourself in the right room at the right time to ask your boss for that well deserved raise?

Have you ever had the opportunity to travel to a foreign country and ask for help without knowing the formal language?

These are just a few examples that we may struggle with as communicators in the world. We know that being able to speak or act out will help us to achieve greater results to achieve success.

This is exactly why I am hosting a series of communication workshops over the next several weeks for Indianapolis Leaders, to help you gain traction on improving your communication skills to achieve greater success. I believe that communication is the key to taking control of your life and becoming a better leader.

This Thursday, May 5, at 2pm you can join me for my Leadership Communication Workshop

3 Keys to Improving Your Communication. I am hosting this workshop at the Aspire Greenwood Chamber of Commerce Office at 1499 Windhorst Way Suite 160, Greenwood, IN 46143.

Join us for the kick off of this entire leadership series that starts Thursday, May 5th at 2pm est. I'll even share some of my secret tips that I used to train the USAF last week!

Invest in your personal growth and development and become a better communicator today! Bring your journals, I'll provide the coffee!

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