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Who is influencing you and how are you impacting others today?

Today, I've been reflecting on the many things that have allowed me to connect to my passion and my purpose so I thought I'd share these with you today to give you encouragement no matter where you are on your journey. Remember everything you do makes an impact in your beliefs, your values, and your ability to make an impact in your life.

Oct 6, 2016. was the day I met Simon Sinek. He was speaking at the John Maxwell Live to Lead conference in Atlanta, Ga. I was able to get into a line to have him sign my book "Leaders Eat Last". A great book about servant leadership. What was so significant about this day was that I had to make significant trade offs to get to this conference. I almost didn't register for the conference and then I almost didn't go because "life" kept getting in the way. What I realized was that if the universe was still allowing me to overcome so many obstacles and still get to the conference, then there was certainly a lesson in the journey. You can read more about this day in my latest book "The Impact of Influence".

The second photo represents, me and Angie Redmond, a friend that I haven't known long; however, when we were asked to join together to carry on a mission for TOP FLOOR WOMEN, we both said YES. We are the hosts of a monthly Women's Networking Group that celebrates women of all stages of their career and life. The first Wednesday of each month we host a FREE networking event and all are welcome! Here's the link to register for our June event, which will be held June 1st at 8:30am-9:30am est. We will be discussing Using the Power of Words as Your Guide to finding happiness with Andrea Bjorkman.

The third photo here, represents one of the hundreds of virtual summits that I have had the honor of speaking in over the last several years. Amonda Rose reached out to me in early 2021 and asked if I would participate as a Leadership Expert in her Unstoppable Speakers Summit. She shared with all of us just days before the release of the event that Jack Canfield was the KEYNOTE. This was a free event to attendees and was pre-recorded and released over a 7 day period. This event allowed me to give time, treasure, and talent to support a friend that I believed in. It also allowed me to connect to someone that I never knew. One year ago today, Bonnie Schoun, picture below, was one of the attendees that listened to my conversation with Amonda Rose. Bonnie was curious about my life and my intentional living that I had discussed in the interview. I celebrate Bonnie today because since this interview, Bonnie reached out to me and joined our Everyday Leaders Leadership Devotional EVERYDAY since May, 2021. This photo was taken at the LIVE2LEAD 2021 conference in Atlanta. Yes, the same conference that I had originally met Simon Sinek in 2016.

You see, my mentor John Maxwell has taught me a lot in the last 7 years about leadership, influence and how to become a better person from the inside. He has taught me that if you want to become a better person, all you have to do is to have a vision of what you want your life to be and then take action to create it. That's all it takes, It is committing to a plan for your life everyday and creating an accountability system to stay on target.

Without systems our life can seem impossible to reach our goals and dreams. Developing systems with the right inner circle of people to help you grow from the inside, to help you change your heart, and your life can become unstoppable!

I hope these three photos and stories encourage you today to live your possibilities.

I remember my life before personal growth. I didn't even know what I was missing, I just knew that there was something in my life that wasn't in sync. I knew I needed to find that missing piece to help me get clear on the purpose for my life.

Our life was designed to be purposeful. If you need help getting started, need accountability, or just want to learn more about personal growth, reach out to me. I have a class starting June 2 that is a great way to start on your journey. If you register before May 27th, you will get a full 4 hours of additional 1:1 personal coaching from me (valued at over $1200)

Learn the power of influence and how you can make a bigger impact in your life today!

Everyday Leaders do change the world, it just takes one step at a time! What step will you take today?

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