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What if you said yes and meant it?

Updated: May 1, 2022

Many of us go through our lives, sometimes the entirety of our lives, trying to figure out what our life is all about. Our life seems to be a puzzle and we are always searching for the right piece to complete us. We oftentimes try to blend in with what societal norms are so that we will feel love and acceptance. We are influenced by our culture (whatever that looks like) and our initial beliefs about ourselves are reinforced by our environment. Sometimes, we never question our day-to-day life, until an outside force creates an obstacle that we have to overcome.

We spend a majority of our lives saying yes to opportunities, because, well they are opportunities and if we say yes that will make us happy or improve our life.

Or does it?

What I've observed is that we are creatures of habit. We most often times say yes to opportunities because everyone else is, or it's the right thing to do, or if I say yes, I will be able to gain someone's trust if I agree with them, or if I say yes because I can, I will know that I will be included.

While none of these answers are wrong, what if you knew the next time you actually said yes to anything, it would also give you the permission to know with 100% confidence that you were showing up with an empowered mindset, an optimistic attitude, and an equipping from your heart to serve and live authentically.

Are you curious about what your life could be like if you knew more?

What if you could make a bigger impact in your life right now?

What would it feel like to have people understand you from your heart?

What if you knew how to be 100% you and NO ONE else?

What if you could make decisions with confidence and could go all in to solve problems?

What if you could have 100% ownership of your life?

What would that look like?

What if you knew how to say NO and not feel like you are letting others down?

What if you could learn how to ask for that promotion?

What if you could learn how to communicate clearly?

What if you knew how to use your strengths to showcase your unique gifts?

What if you could understand yourself from a deeper level so that you could start to believe in yourself and your dreams?

What if you no longer felt like an imposter in your own life?

Would clarity make a difference in how you contribute and add value to your life and those you love?

Would clarity allow you to take that next step with less fear?

I get it, I was once where you are. I was living in a false sense of security every day, until all of the sudden I was eliminated from my "career".- a job I believed was fueling my life, it was what I said yet to every day. In reality, I was fighting my own success because I was not being true to myself or my strengths. I was showing up every day "meeting a job description" and "maintaining a LIFE" just going through the motions because I didn't have a validation available to help me take ownership of what truly fuels my soul. If you have never invested in learning about your natural core driving strengths, I encourage you to invest in yourself today.

Taking the WHY assessment in December of 2020 was the first essential step for significant clarity in my life. The true value was then learning to live and apply my results to my everyday life in every decision, in every conversation, and it helped me to live an authentic and fulfilled life. For me, combining over 25,000 hours of personal leadership development and now with the validation of the WHY assessment, I was able to immediately get clear in what I said yes to and it gave me the permission to say no to what was no longer serving me, holding myself back from utilizing my gifts and literally suffocating my life.

What I've learned is that without oxygen we die and I knew I had passion in my heart to make a difference in the world. Learning this process, helped me to communicate from my heart, what I had felt had been trapped inside of me my whole life. I believe learning this process is the essential first step and creates a clear, predictable, proven process that provides a path so you can find a better way to make sense of how to make an impact in the world.

By giving yourself permission to live from your WHY, all of a sudden a light bulb comes on, the path is clear and your life is no longer a puzzle.

Do you want to be more effective in your life?

Watch this video to get your CODE for $200 off of this process NOW with all of the extra bonuses through March 6!

Is this for everyone? YES!

Understanding your WHY is the first step.

Gaining the clarity you need to live your WHY fully is where an expert coach, like myself, can help you take the necessary steps to live fully, authentically, and unapologetically YOU. This is included in this offer!

Don't wait another minute to invest in the secret to making a bigger impact in your life.

This process includes 2 hours of LIVE YOUR WHY Workshop and Coaching at a discounted rate designed especially for YOU!. Learn your WHY, Learn How to Bring Your WHY to LIFE, and WHAT you can deliver to the world to make a bigger impact!

Now is the right time and the best time to gain the clarity you need to become more effective in your life.

Give yourself the permission to have more meaning and purpose in your life.

Be an Everyday Leader, make intentional decisions and choices every day to make an impact in your life.

If you'd like to learn more set up a call today! Be an Everyday Leader

Thank you for being a part of my continuing journey of discovering my heart for leadership.

Melahni Ake

Founder, Everyday Leaders

Leader of Everyday Leaders Morning Devotionals

Being Intentional Building Leaders Everyday

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