What if you said yes and meant it?

Updated: May 1

Many of us go through our lives, sometimes the entirety of our lives, trying to figure out what our life is all about. Our life seems to be a puzzle and we are always searching for the right piece to complete us. We oftentimes try to blend in with what societal norms are so that we will feel love and acceptance. We are influenced by our culture (whatever that looks like) and our initial beliefs about ourselves are reinforced by our environment. Sometimes, we never question our day-to-day life, until an outside force creates an obstacle that we have to overcome.

We spend a majority of our lives saying yes to opportunities, because, well they are opportunities and if we say yes that will make us happy or improve our life.

Or does it?

What I've observed is that we are creatures of habit. We most often times say yes to opportunities because everyone else is, or it's the right thing to do, or if I say yes, I will be able to gain someone's trust if I agree with them, or if I say yes because I can, I will know that I will be included.

While none of these answers are wrong, what if you knew the next time you actually said yes to anything, it would also give you the permission to know with 100% confidence that you were showing up with an empowered mindset, an optimistic attitude, and an equipping from your heart to serve and live authentically.

Are you curious about what your life could be like if you knew more?

What if you could make a bigger impact in your life right now?

What would it feel like to have people understand you from your heart?

What if you knew how to be 100% you and NO ONE else?

What if you could make decisions with confidence and could go all in to solve problems?

What if you could have 100% ownership of your life?

What would that look like?

What if you knew how to say NO and not feel like you are letting others down?

What if you could learn how to ask for that promotion?

What if you could learn how to communicate clearly?

What if you knew how to use your strengths to showcase your unique gifts?

What if you could understand yourself from a deeper level so that you could start to believe in yourself and your dreams?

What if you no longer felt like an imposter in your own life?

Would clarity make a difference in how you contribute and add value to your life and those you love?

Would clarity allow you to take that next step with less fear?