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Are you a WOMEN in sales who is SCALING in life?

Recently, a colleague, Shelly Bays, and I sat down together and discussed the gaps our clients were facing worldwide.

As we continued to work together and compare notes about our business, we began to get clear on an opportunity to collaborate.

We both want to use our talents, skills, and experience to build a better solution for all women in sales, as sales leaders in organizations, women leading independent companies, or women who are beginning their careers in sales.

We decided that the best solution was to create a company that solely focused on providing value and strategy to this specific population of women. We sat down with our plan, drafted our agreements, opened up all of our necessary legal contracts, and hung our shingle!

Here we go! Serving women who want to build Sales Confidence and Leadership Excellence in their lives and those they serve: SCALE for Women is the destination.

We are hosting a Facebook Group with different membership levels depending on your areas of growth and development.

We have just launched our WEEKLY INFORMATIONAL CALLS to share details about our group and how you can be involved! Join us any Thursday at noon est. Register and Find our more

We are hosting a 4-Day BE-VISIBLE CHALLENGE this week for women ready to get serious with their social media and storytelling strategy! It's not too late to join us!

We invite you to be a part of our community! We are honored to serve YOU in your journey as a coach, a sales professional, a tenured sales executive, or an entrepreneur just starting your company.

Join us at our LIVE Intensive Masterclass, Oct 28-29 in Bloomington, IN, at the beautiful boutique GRADUATE HOTEL. Learn more in the video below.

Contact us at

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