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A Gift Especially for You!

Hello Everyday Leaders,

Today I’m spending my birthday, Jan 12, celebrating my 5th year as Everyday Leaders. It was five years ago today that I launched my vision to serve others in a bigger way in the world. It started with my Everyday Leaders 50in50 Podcast and became my full consulting, coaching, speaking, training, and event company. You may have also heard that in 2022, I expanded into a second company and partnered with my good friend Shelly Bays to create a platform specifically serving women in leadership called SCALE for Women, LLP.

This video shared is where my influences and inspiration all began in Indianapolis. It is memories from my family on a Sunday afternoon playing harts in the backyard, just having fellowship together.

Do you have a place to gather with others to get clear? This was our family in the summer of 1971 in the backyard of my Uncle Tim Qualls' house.

My great grandfather Rev Elwood Patton Qualls, founded an Evangelistic Center at 318 South Shelby street right by the University of Indianapolis. It was the first documented nursing home in the state of Indiana. It was also a tabernacle, school, and clinic for people to gather for spiritual healing.

My grandparents, Rev Paul and Mae Qualls were Nazarene song evangelists. When my father passed away from lung cancer when I was 5, my grandparents had an incredible impact on my life. Helping my mother raise me, they surrounded me with so much love. They showed me how to live my life every day as a leader in the community. They were a family of influence.

When I turned 50, just five years ago, I was in a state of deep reflection connecting the dots in my life because my heart was so joyful. I am so grateful for my life’s blessings and teachings, and I wanted to show my respect and gratitude for my life. I wanted to celebrate people like my grandparents and great-grandparents who lived their lives every day, overcoming obstacles with success. I also realized and wanted to celebrate people like my own mom because of how much her positive attitude has allowed her to overcome obstacles every single day. She made intentional choices to keep going when life got hard; she chose to be joyful no matter her circumstances.

(Can you pick my mom out in this video? She's the one playing jarts waving to the camera)

The “Theme” for my show was inspired by my grandparents, who were both 50 when I was born.

The “Timing” of the show was based on my birthday. Jan 12, the second week in January. I had 50 weeks in my 50th year to celebrate 50 interviews.

For five years, I’ve been focusing on celebrating amazing people who are showing up in their lives to make a difference for others.

How do I stay consistent in a plan that was put on my heart?

I fill my cup every day, starting my morning at 7:30 am est, sharing it with people from all over the world. My daily leadership devotionals are shared from the John Maxwell Leadership Bible to continue to understand the messages that inspired my family. It helps me to gain clarity and courage, and practice consistency. We’ve been meeting on Zoom every day since my mentor John C Maxwell challenged me with the Proverbs Challenge. It started on October 1, 2019. Today is day 1199. I am so grateful for this clarity and purpose in my life. These special people helped me celebrate the morning today! What a wonderful fellowship we have in growing our hearts every day together.

When you fill your cup first thing every day, you have so much more intentional energy to give every moment of the day. The endorphins are in your bloodstream, and you are living from abundance in giving your energy away, Your attitude determines your altitude, so if you want to impact your life, start by filling your cup every day! My good friend Chip Baker reminds me of this every day. Keep pushing for your dreams, and believe in the power of your story.

What I’m learning is that when we step fully into our capacity to serve others, so much goodness and positivity happens every day. If you are inspired to serve others from the core of your soul, I want to share a moment with you. I want to celebrate the goodness in your life and share a piece of your heart with the world. I believe the world needs us. I believe our energy and positivity can change the world.

What does being an everyday leader look like in your life?

Will you join me on my journey?

Do you want to learn the most powerful lessons I've been learning over the past five years and how I am applying those to my life?

Learn how to integrate principles that will change your life right now, no matter where you are on your journey! Learn how to Celebrate Every Day of Your LIfe!

Learn how I overcame the fears of getting fired at 50, being bullied, being isolated by people you believed cared about you, clarifying boundaries in relationships, gaining confidence through making significant trade-offs, learning how to be and choose a mentor, how to take action to show up in my life to make a bigger impact, how to ask for help and so much more.

Deciding to grow personally was the single most important decision in my life. It all started with learning from the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Book.

Join me for my next 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth Class that starts this Sunday, Jan 15th, at 7 pm est. USE CODE: LAWS to join this Sunday as my Birthday Present to YOU for FREE.

We can change the world together.

Are you ready?

Link here to share your everyday leaders' story!

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1 Comment

Steve Gielda
Steve Gielda
Jan 12, 2023

What a great way to start my day! I loved reading your blog and watching your family video. (on a side note, why is it that your mid-western family videos look just like mine?!? I grew up in southern Illinois)

I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and all you have accomplished with Everyday Leaders 50in50! You have touched thousands of lives, many of which you may never meet.

Though it's been a challenge for me to get as involved in your mission as I'd love to, I do enjoy reading your posts and reading the responses people are having to your work.

Today, I will say a special prayer that God will continue to…

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