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Mindset Challenges

Learn to LOVE the Challenge....

Challenges are a part of everyday life. They make us stronger.  They make us pay attention to what is important.  During the last two and a half years every one of us has been challenged with finding a "new normal" and reinventing our journey.  What I've been learning from others is that the people that were in a growth mindset prior to the pandemic, are the ones who have been able to pivot and find more peace and stability through all of the external changes.

Before the pandemic, I had been intentional and committed to my personal growth.  I studied, my favorite leadership book, the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth consistently for over 130 weeks straight.  I had developed a growth mindset and was learning to face every challenge in my life as an opportunity to learn more.  

Life wasn't easy, it was just clear.  My mentor, Dr. John Maxwell, has been teaching me the principle of "we view what we do" and I didn't really know what this meant, until I did.  Then I realized the value of the process of personal growth and the power that it can have in your life.  In 2016 when I stepped into becoming intentional in my life, with a personal growth mindset, everything in my life became clear.

I want to help you begin to see what's possible for your leadership life and it starts with mindset. 

This is why I am creating a process for others to have fun with seeing the potential in their life through a library of word searches, cross word puzzles and mindset games focused on all of the leadership lessons that have changed my life. 

if you'd like to be included in receiving access to this new library, simply fill in the information below and I'll include you in all of the updates each time a new leadership mindset game is released.

Join us at Everyday Leaders where you can become a better leader in your life today!

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