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Top Floor Women
Indy's Premier Southside Women's Networking Event


You're Invited to Join Us the
First Wednesday of Every Month
8 am-9:30 am


Melinda Chapman

I am Melinda Chapman, a Realtor with Values Driven Realty and a Managing Director with United Financial Freedom. I am married to my amazing husband, Michael, and we have three grown children and one adorable 3-year-old grandson! Prioritizing God, family, friends, Country, and my love of helping people keep me balanced in my personal life and my business as well! As a Realtor, I love helping families find the home of their dreams and helping renters become homeowners! The sense of euphoria and excitement upon arriving at a successful closing, the stories shared with me of how dreams will be made as well as a solid investment for their future, are just a few of the things that make what I do so incredibly fulfilling and rewarding! What I don't love, however, is that my new homeowner’s become saddled with an ugly and wealth-robbing 30-year mortgage.

Melinda Chapman

How Money Works (the difference between Interest Rate vs Interest Volume and how knowing the difference can save you a fortune in time and money)

Kevin O'Leary, star of ABC's "Shark Tank" and financial guru, is opening their eyes to the downside of the 30-year mortgage. "What I hate about mortgages is they are finite," O'Leary told CNBC’s Make It. "You owe money, lots and lots and lots of money. And you know with certainty that regardless of what interest rates are, you will pay a ridiculous amount of interest. He finished the show by saying, "Don't fall in love with being in debt through a mortgage; fall in love with being debt-free. It feels way better." 
I couldn't agree more, and this is why I share how technology is helping families to rapidly eliminate their debt, including their 30-year mortgage, in just a fraction of time. Today, families are breaking free from the burden of debt, most becoming completely debt-free in as little as 5-10 years without refinancing or earning extra income.


There is no change to your lifestyle, budget, or monthly cash flow! Our successful 18-year history has put thousands of families on track to pay off their debt rapidly. We have eliminated more than 2.4 billion dollars of principal debt for our clients and currently have $8 billion under debt management! We offer a “no-cost" consultation for every client, and we have a 💯 % money-back GUARANTEE on your results! When my husband and I had our free consultation almost two years ago, we were blown away by our results, and I knew in my heart that I must share this with everyone! Would you like to be debt-free sooner rather than later? Would you be willing to invest 1-3 months’ worth of mortgage payments to save you ten or more years and tens, often hundreds, of thousands of scheduled interest dollars? Who wouldn’t?? Would finding out your actual debt-free date and how much time and money the program will save you be worth a few minutes of your time?

Take me up on our complimentary analysis, and I promise you, you will be so glad you did.

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The History 


Top Floor Women began several years ago when Mindi Epstein had the vision to unite women on the southside of Indianapolis, to network and develop personally and professionally.  Since Mindi was an established business owner in Franklin, IN, she collaborated with the owners of "The Elevator" on the town square in Franklin, IN on their TOP FLOOR.  Top Floor Women became a popular monthly networking event bringing women from all over central Indiana to meet, share and connect.  Before COVID-19, oftentimes there was standing room only in this dedicated space.   As the group was growing Mindi moved the location to the Hillview County Club in Franklin, and the Barn at Bay Horse.  During this last move in 2021 during COVID restrictions, Mindi's life also changed.  She was traveling for work and relocated her home to the north side of Indianapolis.  These two factors made it difficult to continue serving the southside community,  

Mindi reached out to Angie Redmon, President of stiveHR, and Melahni Ake, Founder and President of Everyday Leaders to continue to momentum to serve these women. 



Indy's Southside Premier Women's Networking Group 
We meet on the first Wednesday of every month.

8:00 am-8:30 am Networking (Bring your Business Cards)

8:30 am-9:25 am Professional Development Speaker

2023 Meetings:

January 4th:  Speaker Carla Taylor, Make Dreams Happen

Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall


February 1st:  Bri Ikerd,  Money Mechanics: Strategies to Jump-Start Your Financial Future

Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall



March 1st: Speaker Melinda Chapman with Values Driven Realty: 

How Money Works

Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall:

April 5th:  SPEAKER: MEGAN BENNETT, Socially Acceptable: Strategies for Social Media and The Social Landscape - Why and How to Learn to Love Creating Content

Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall. 

May 3rd:  Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall

June 7th:  Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall

July 5th:   Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall

August 2nd:  Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall

September 6th: Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall

October 4th:  Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall

November 1st:  Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall

December 6th: Franklin College Dietz Dining Hall

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