The Everyday Leaders Personal Growth Journal will accelerate your personal growth by addressing all areas of your personal and professional life.  


By following these specific sections designed in your Personal Growth Journal, you will uncover your desires, discover your strengths and design a plan to connect to your purpose.  


I believe in your power to connect to your passions and your own unique story that will allow you to vizualize the next steps in your personal growth journey to become an Everyday Leader in Your Life!   My belief is working through this journal you will discover your power within yourself to become an Everyday Leader That Can Change the World!  By downloading this journal, you have access to the Everyday Leaders 5 Week Personal Growth and Development Class


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For Spiritual Growth:  Join the Everyday Leaders Morning Devotional where we gather on Zoom Everyday at 7:30am est to study Biblical Leadership Lessons that we can apply to our Everyday Lives as Everyday Leaders.


I am thrilled that we have connected and I look forward to becoming a partner with you on your personal growth journey!  


All the Best, 

Melahni Ake 





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