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Take The Shot, Bank On You.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take-Wayne Gretsky

This Indianapolis girl was influenced at 7 years old to learn the game of Ice Hockey, to skate, to play to build comraderie with a team. As an only child, this league became my family. I played as the only girl in an all boys league for 12 years.

This sport is my foundation of my confidence today. My mom was the catalyst to create the environment, attitude and pathway for this opportunity. This experience is what has provided my confidence to lean into “disruptive” technologies, start up companies and helping communities build strategic plans. It's this mindset that has allowed me to start multiple programs that pour into our community with a big vision to serve others.

It is because of my experience I allow my faith to guide me through every obstacle. It's my heart to serve others that attracts me to people with passion to serve a greater cause.

July 2022, my friend Shelly Bays and I co-founded SCALE for Women, LLP a company that helps women business owners with Sales Confidence and Leadership Excellence.

We believe in helping other build what we have learned the last 30+ years in business as entrepreneurs and corporate america leaders.

It was the moment in July 2022 that we decided we could serve better together to creat more impact.

We have created groups, workshops and live events to serve Women Business Owners with the right strategies for their success. We share what we know because we've been there and we know how scary it can be growing your business alone. When you don't have the tools you need to compete as a business owner, you will struggle with your succes and may never reach your goal.

Today I ran into Zach Bleke. 20 years ago he came to Perry Park on the Southside of Indianapolis with his dad and they played in my Pick up league. Mel’s Monday Night Hockey……. Today we shared memories and laughs. It reminded me of why I am so passionate about creating alignment with people with passion because people with passion have determination to success. They focus on the HOW to reach their goals and they don't let anything stop them.

The lesson is it’s about making memories. Maximizing every moment in your life.

When I was a 7 year old girl, around all those boys…..

Did I worry about comparing myself to others? NO

Did I fear making mistakes? NO

Did I quit because I didn’t know how to skate? NO

Did I cry because I wasn’t good enough? NO

I used this as an opportuntiy to GROW and becomes stronger. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t like everyone else. I grew stronger because I had permission to be different….. because I was!

Have you taken a look at your strategy lately?

Are you ready to clean the slate and learn something new?

Are you ready to learn a disruptive idea to help you separate yourself from your competition?

Is it Culture? People? Proceses?

Do you need help with your tactical plan to win your 2023.

I have a solution for you.....

Shelly and I are hosting an incredible event to help you RECESSION PROOF YOUR BUSINESS with a team of Women Entrepreneurs who are the top in their game in their fields who are building strategies for their life and business.

We will cover the mechanics of

Website design and SEO

Functional Organization

Social Media Marketing

Challenges to keep you inspired on your goal

Community Building from Women Leadership Experts

Hosting your own event and monetize your brand

Building team cultures that belong together

Securing your business plan with plan B when you something happens

Accounting strategies for everyday impact

And so much more

I'd like to invite you to join our team in Indianapolis on April 22nd to learn what they've learned and take their tactical plans to apply them to your business. You can learn more about and register for the event at

Use code "LEADER" to save 50% off your registration right now!

Don't miss your moment to maximize your shot at making a bigger impact in your business!

Are you ready to take your shot at success?

Let’s connect.

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