Celebrating Influencers in my life

My Grandfather, Paul Matthew Qualls, was a Nazarene Song Evangelist, who believed in testifying through his incredible rich voice singing songs like Just As I Am, Ship Ahoy, The Old Rugged Cross, Peace in the Valley, Oh Say but I’m Glad and so many many more! He was known all over the country for his deep baritone voice that could be heard all over the camp grounds on sultry summer nights, while walking through the fresh saw dust to take your seat in the cedar wooden church pews.

He was slated for camp meetings, to add value to help testify and bring people to god. His schedule was booked through 2000.

Today, I am remembering Feb 8, 1989, 32 years ago, when my grandfather “poppy” Paul Qualls was found in his bed at 5441 Lake Jessamine Drive in Orlando, Florida. He had peacefully passed away in his sleep and our family was devistated to lose our hero.

I miss you, I love you and I know we will see each other again some day in heaven!

I encourage you to celebrate those that you love and respect in your life. We are not promised tomorrow.

Everyday Leaders intentionally add value to those they love everyday. Choose love, choose to show love to those you love Everyday!

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